InterPol Taster Day for Pre-applicants

The Department of International Politics invite you to their University Taster Day on Monday 9th July 2018.

During the Taster Day we will provide you with a sense of what it is like to study international politics in Aberystwyth, such as the types of topics you will encounter, the way we teach, and the technologies and facilities we have. We will also explore the town Aberystwyth with a focus on its politics, history and international connections.

This taster day will be of interest to prospective students with an interest in politics and government, history, and geography.

Next steps:

  1. Read the details and FAQs below.
  2. Register for our 10 July Open Day  English / Cymraeg.
  3. Click here to register for our Taster Day.


The details

The Taster Day begins at 12.30pm. We’ll meet in the Main Hall of the International Politics Building, located on the main University Penglais Campus. Lunch can be bought beforehand from one of the University’s food outlets on Penglais Campus, including the Arts Centre Café, TaMedDa Restaurant, and IBERBach café.

During the Taster Day we’ll run an interactive workshop on Global Inequalities, during which, students will have the opportunity to explore the main themes, explanations and understandings of global inequality, the possible implications of such disparities, and what could or should be done to alleviate them. Who is to blame? Why has it not been resolved? What policy options are available? This workshop allows students to debate these questions and scenarios and step into the role of UK policy-makers to decide on whether and how international aid should be provided and to which countries.

After the workshop we will participate in an taster lecture on the theme of 'What is War? What is Peace?', exploring two significant concepts in international politics. Finally, we will visit locations of political and historical significance in Aberystwyth and discuss the key issues they raise for politics and international politics, such as national identity, war and regional politics.

Our lecturers will ensure that you arrive back on Penglais Campus at around 17.00 to provide time to freshen up for the evening buffet, provided by the Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology.

What to bring

For part of the afternoon we will be out in Aberystwyth. We know what British weather can be like... So, we’ve listed both essential and suggested items for you:

Essential items:

  • Comfortable footwear for walking through town.
  • Showerproof jacket.
  • Sun protection.
  • A small notepad and pencil.

Also consider bringing:

  • Suitable waterproofs, if the weather’s looking rather wet!
  • A small amount of cash.
  • A camera.

For further information, or to express an interest in our Taster Day, please contact Sarah Whitehead



Q. My family/guardians want to travel for the Taster Day too, can they come?

A. By all means, yes! The Taster Day itself is open to students only, but the Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology will offer a range of free activities for your parents or guardians during the afternoon. 

Q. What time should I/we arrive?

A. We suggest you aim to arrive at 12 noon to allow time for lunch beforehand. The Taster Day begins at 12.30. We will meet in the Main Hall of the International Politics Buildingand aim to begin the interactive workshop at 12.45pm.  

Q. What time does the Taster Day finish?

A. We will aim to wrap up the day’s activities by 17.00, followed by an evening buffet (time TBC).