Information Services Strategic Plan

Word clouds of relevant words. The largest words are University, Information, Services, support, staff, and learningWelcome to the Information Services Strategic Plan. This document has many potential audiences, including the customers of our services who want to find out more about what we’re doing, our own staff, to help them plan and prioritise their work, and the University’s management and governing bodies. It demonstrates how we will help to deliver the institution’s objectives over the next five years.

The plan sets out Information Services’ strategic objectives and how we will deliver these through the expertise of our staff, our information resources, and through the use of technology. To achieve this we will collaborate with colleagues across the University and externally. Information Services seeks to deliver maximum value for money and will be transparent in demonstrating our key performance indicators, impact, and progress against this plan.

To achieve our vision Information Services acts as a:

  • Service provider seeking to continuously improve our delivery of customer-focused services through a cycle of planning, implementing, checking, and effecting corrective actions where required. We are committed to the principle of continuous improvement by actively monitoring performance, results and the opinions of our customers to feed into the planning and development of our services.

  • Leader in innovation delivering University-wide initiatives that meet institutional objectives through effective implementation of best practice, business processes, technologies, change and project management.

  • Learning Organisation which is central to our students’ education. We are a frontline service and an enabler for learning in every part of the students’ academic life. IS responds to and engages with students as well as anticipating their future learning needs. We encourage our own staff to develop their skills and expertise to better respond to our customers’ requirements.

We aim to be an approachable, responsive, flexible and agile department alert to technological developments as well as reacting to developments in higher education, legislative changes, research, scholarly publishing, and technology locally, nationally and internationally.

This strategy is set within a wider context. The external environment that is impacting on Aberystwyth University is changing rapidly. Higher education is going through a period of unprecedented change. As Saad Rizvi, Katelyn Donnelly and Michael Barber indicate in the IPPR report “An avalanche is coming: Higher education and the revolution ahead” (March 2013) “Just as globalisation and technology have transformed other huge sectors of the economy in the past 20 years, in the next 20 years universities face transformation”. Students are confident consumers of IT and library services, and will expect up-to-date facilities in the University where they choose to study. The HE environment is now far more competitive, for both students and research funding. It is more vital now than ever before to develop an effective Information Services strategy and to successfully operationalise it through project and service management.

Development of this plan has been driven by the input of students, Information Services and University staff. Combined with the support of our colleagues across the University, IS staff professionalism, customer-focus, and commitment will drive the successful delivery of this strategic plan over the next five years.

Tim Davies, Director of Information Services, October 2014

Information Services Strategy 2014-19 (PDF)