Information Services Customer Care Policy

Our commitment to our customers:

  • To treat all our customers with respect and courtesy;
  • To aim to provide a helpful and friendly service to all;
  • To put our customers at the centre of our service;
  • To respond to customer needs when developing our services, using information gathered from regular user surveys and our user feedback facilities;
  • To be aware of equality and diversity issues in assisting all our customers;
  • To wear our Aber Cards and to give our names to customers at their request and during written communications;
  • To aim to provide the fullest service possible and to aim to maintain the reliability of our services within the constraints of available resources;
  • To publicise our services, our Regulations & Guidelines and to display our opening hours keeping customers informed of any changes;
  • To provide a professional service to our customers and to train our staff in customer care;
  • To provide an online feedback form and printed feedback forms in all our libraries and to undertake regular surveys of user opinion;
  • To aim to reply to signed comments within 3 working days;
  • To use customer comments and suggestions to help us improve our service.

 Customers can help us to accomplish this by:

  • Treating Information Services staff and other customers with respect and courtesy;
  • Taking care of Information Services property, equipment and facilities;
  • Carrying your Aber card when you visit any of our libraries or computer rooms and being aware of the regulations for its use
  • Returning the materials you borrow on time;
  • Observing Information Services Regulations and following the zoning requirements of individual libraries to maintain appropriate areas for study;
  • Abiding by our noise policy including our silent and quiet areas;
  • Abiding by our food and drink policy.


This Policy is maintained by Information Services, was last reviewed in July 2019 and is due for review in July 2021. It was last reviewed in July 2019 and will be reviewed again in July 2021.