Studying in the Library

Noise Alert Service

Is someone disturbing your study in the Hugh Owen Library? 

Let us know by speaking with a member of staff at an Enquiry Desk, or by texting the Noise Alert Service on 07966624251

  • Please give us your location (e.g. “Level F near Celtic books” or “in the Tom Lloyd Computer Suite”) and a brief description of the problem.
  • Once alerted, a member of Information Services staff will patrol the area as soon as they can.

Please note:

  • The service is available during term times between 9am-10pm
  • We will not text back unless we need to clarify your location
  • We do not retain texters' contact details / phone numbers
  • You will be charged at your provider’s rate for sending the text

Silent study

Level F (top floor) including carrels and glazed rooms, and Level E (middle floor) of the Hugh Owen Library are silent study areas.

  • Phones must be set to silent
  • Work silently at all times including when using laptops and computers
  • Ensure any personal listening equipment is inaudible to those nearby

Quiet study

Other areas of the Hugh Owen Library are quiet study areas. These are: EL6 (the computer room on Level E), Iris de Freitas room, Level D (ground floor) and all group study rooms.

Help make the Library a pleasant place to work in

  • Tidy up after yourself - use the recycling bins and don't leave litter behind
  • Be careful with your cables and don't leave them trailing across the floor in case others trip over them
  • Please don't 'reserve' tables, study rooms or PCs by leaving your belongings there - space is at a premium!
  • Please make yourself aware of the Information Services Food and Drink Policy
  • If you want to talk or use your phone, please go out of the Library. Noise made on the stairwells (including phone calls) can disrupt people’s concentration.
  • Let your fellow students study in peace

Our aim is to work with our students to provide a comfortable and quiet environment to study in. If you are unwilling to comply with these guidelines you will be asked to leave the library.