Noise Alert Service

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) this service is currently unavailable.

Is someone disturbing your study in the Hugh Owen Library? 

Let us know by speaking with a member of staff at an Enquiry Desk, or by texting the Noise Alert Service on 07966624251.

  • Please give us your location (e.g. “Level F near Celtic books” or “in the Tom Lloyd Computer Suite”) and a brief description of the problem.
  • Once alerted, a member of Information Services staff will patrol the area as soon as they can.

Please note:

  • The service is available during term times between 9am-10pm
  • We will not text back unless we need to clarify your location
  • We do not retain texters' contact details / phone numbers
  • You will be charged at your provider’s rate for sending the text


If you want to work quietly in the library you can:

  • use one of the Study Areas 


Silent study

Level F (top floor) in the Hugh Owen Library is a silent study area.

  • Phones must be set to silent
  • Work silently at all times including when using laptops and computers
  • Ensure any personal listening equipment is inaudible to those nearby

Quiet study

Most areas of the Hugh Owen Library are quiet study areas. These are: Level E (middle floor) EL6 (Computer Room), Iris de Freitas room and Level D (ground floor).


Help make the Library a pleasant place to work in

  • Tidy up after yourself - use the recycling bins and don't leave litter behind
  • Be careful with your cables and don't leave them trailing across the floor in case others trip over them
  • Please don't 'reserve' tables, study rooms or PCs by leaving your belongings there - space is at a premium!
  • Please make yourself aware of the Information Services Food and Drink Policy
  • If you want to talk or use your phone, please go out of the Library. Noise made on the stairwells (including phone calls) can disrupt people’s concentration. Let your fellow students study in peace.

Our aim is to work with our students to provide a comfortable and quiet environment to study in. If you are unwilling to comply with these guidelines you will be asked to leave the library.