Lecture Capture Policy


Aberystwyth University requires that all lectures should be recorded and made available to students. Please see the guidance below on what constitutes a lecture.

As a minimum, the audio of a lecture should be recorded. If you are making use of PowerPoint or other projected material, you should also make sure that the screen is captured. There is no requirement to provide a video recording (although this is possible if required). Panopto software is centrally provided to enable easy in-class recording and integrates with Blackboard to help control access to recordings.

If the session is not a lecture, you are strongly encouraged to provide students with an alternative audio or video recording (or vignette – see below for guidance on vignettes).


Lecture capture has been used widely across the university since its introduction in 2009. It is popular with students, and provides a number of important learning benefits such as:

  • ability to revisit points that students haven’t understood;
  • support for students who may find it difficult to take notes;
  • support for students whose first language is not English;
  • revision for examinations and assignments;
  • support for students who are unable to attend lectures due to illness.

It is believed that all students would benefit from the use of lecture capture. In addition, consistency across all modules will help the student experience – feedback from students shows that they find the consistent use of tools across all modules and departments preferable to an opt-in approach.

Changes to the rules on funding of note-takers also means that students with specific learning requirements may not be able to have personal note-takers. It is highly likely that lecture capture will be used to replace note-takers.

Definition of a lecture

AU defines a lecture as the transmission of information from staff to students. There is therefore no requirement to record:

  • any interactive elements of a teaching session, such as student discussions or question and answer sessions;
  • seminars, tutorials or workshops.

The University recognises and acknowledges that:

  • not all teaching styles are suitable for capture, e.g., if a high degree of audience interactivity is used;
  • staff are encouraged to use their preferred teaching style; there is no requirement to change teaching style for the purpose of recording as that can be detrimental to the student experience;
  • ethical issues, or the use of sensitive material may render the recording of some teaching and learning activities as being inappropriate;
  • support will be required to investigate and implement ways of capturing all teaching styles.

If the nature of your session means that there is no requirement to record, you are strongly encouraged to provide an alternative audio / video presentation (or vignette) for students. This could be a short recording providing an overview of key points or threshold concepts, or may discuss points that students find difficult to understand. These vignettes can be created quickly and easily using technology available at AU and support will be made available to help you, and need only be a few minutes long

It is important to note that lecture capture isn't a replacement for attendance. Lecture recordings are provide to enhance the student learning experience rather than to replace the requirement to attend. If a student misses a lecture, they miss the opportunity for interaction and active learning. A number of peer-reviewed articles have examined the issue of attendance and lecture capture and evidence suggests that lecture capture is not detrimental to attendance; anecdotally this experience is mirrored at AU.


If you are not already using lecture capture, you may find the guide on lecture capture useful.

You can contact the E-learning Group (elearning@aber.ac.uk) for further advice and training

Getting Started

Follow the steps on www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/it-services/elearning/lecture-capture/





You will need to make sure you:

  1. select the right module to upload into before starting the recording (faqs.aber.ac.uk/681/);
  2. add a link to the recording into the Blackboard module after the lecture has been recorded (faqs.aber.ac.uk/682/).

All modules in Blackboard have been provisioned for use with Panopto.


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This Policy is maintained by Jonathan Davies and Kate Wright and was last reviewed in October 2018