Lecture Capture

Panopto logoAberystwyth University uses Panopto software to record lectures. Students can view these recordings via Blackboard. Panopto is available in all centrally timetabled teaching rooms. You can download Panopto onto individual machines and make recordings using a free app. The E-learning Group are happy to come out to the start of your teaching session to assist you in setting up Panopto (use this online form to book an appointment).

In addition to recording lectures, Panopto can also be used for a wide range of other activities, such as recording student assessment, creating vignettes, revision videos or to summarise complex ideas. Panopto may also be used to record other University activities, such as meetings - let us know if you need us to create a Panopto folder for non-teaching related activities. 


Find out more about how Dr Gareth Evans, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, uses Panopto for making practical work with undergraduate students. If you would like to use Panopto in more innovative ways, get in touch with us.