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This module will introduce the National Library of Wales and its holdings to those with an interest in researching family (and local) history. The course will involve a series of tours, presentations and hands-on practical work, provided by a tutor from Aberystwyth University and staff from the National Library of Wales. The module assumes no prior knowledge or experience and will offer a unique opportunity to see at first hand some of the work carried out by the Library and to participate in current digitisation projects which are making primary source material more widely available. There will also be opportunities for students to identify and order material of relevance to their own interests, and to discuss their progress with the tutor.

Course Outline:
An overview of the course will be provided during the initial session, with subsequent sessions introduced by the tutor. Everyone will need to ensure that they have obtained a reader’s ticket for NLW beforehand so that they can optimise their time at NLW and order material for their assessment.
Day 1:
1. Introduction to the module (0.5 hour) 2. Tour of NLW (1.5 hours) i. Introduction to NLW’s North Reading Room and system of finding aids (1.5 hours) ii. Introduction to NLW’s South Reading Room and system of finding aids (1.5 hours)
Day 2:
4. People’s Collection: presentation and practical work (2 hours) 5. Cynefin: presentation and practical work (2 hours) 6. Round-up and questions (1 hour


This module is at CQFW Level

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