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What qualifications are needed?

Curiosity, good humour and self motivation are all that is required. We'll advise you to come and meet one of our tutors who can help you choose a suitable course for your strengths and needs. You can also take courses on a stand-alone basis. You can try it out to see if you like the style of teaching. Go on, give it a go!

What if I haven't done any art before?

Don't worry! We have a suite of Level 0 (CQFW3) art modules which are skills-based courses to help you ease into studying art and design. These give you a grounding in techniques, and allow you to dip your toe in the water.

Taster Sessions

What will be asked of me?

We'll ask you to make a commitment to return assignments on time and keep us informed of your changed circumstances such as email addresses.

What are the courses like?

Perhaps a few student's comments may give you an insight to what it is like to take a course with us.

  • "Courses provided within the Lifelong Learning programmes give excellent opportunities to continue self development beyond retirement"

  • "thoroughly enjoyed myself, thank you!"

  • "lively and supportive tuition, the tutors comments were focussed and I was stretched to my limit"

  • "inspiring tutor who fired up the imagination of all students!"

  • "enjoyed the course and wanted more, excellent tutor with lots of patience"

  • "its so rare to come across such a gifted and enthusiastic tutor"

  • "Brilliant course, brilliant tutor, loved it"

  • "It has been an eye opener, I see things differently now, very good tuition"

  • "There are quite a few art courses for adults in the area (North Essex) but they are not taken as seriously as the ones in Aberystwyth. While I thought the credit system at Aberystwyth was a bit tedious sometimes, I think the various requirements did focus the mind and produce higher quality responses from the students.  Thanks from a grateful student."

I don't live in Wales but would like to take your courses

That is not a problem; we often welcome students from all over the United Kingdom on our intensive courses. Many students decide to stay in Aberystwyth and take advantage of a mini working break. View current Art & Design courses

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We have a  Facebook page!  Join us to view the work of our students and hear our news. Beware: It is addictive! 

Distance Learning

Thinking of taking our distance learning course? Here is some advice from the tutor.

How to navigate Blackboard

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