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Our Art & Design courses are for everyone! Whether you’re a beginner exploring a newfound interest or seasoned artists seeking to refine your skills. By encompassing a broad range of subjects—from painting and sculpture to graphic design and digital arts—our courses offer a unique blend of traditional techniques and contemporary practices. They provide a nurturing environment where adult learners can rediscover their creative spark, evolve their artistic capabilities, and engage with like-minded individuals in a journey of artistic exploration and self-expression.

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Haven't done any art before? Don't worry! We have a suite of Level 0 (CQFW3) art modules which are skills-based courses to help you ease into studying art and design. These give you a grounding in techniques, and allow you to dip your toe in the water.

If you have any questions about the programme please email Alison Pierse at For administrative queries please email the Lifelong Learning Office

Art & Design Higher Education Certificate

We offer a Higher Education Certificate within our Art & Design courses. You have 5 years in which to cover the required amount of study which is 120 credits (CQFW4). The certificate is awarded with a pass or a fail and you will need to take Key modules (adding to 70 credits) to give you an all round art education. These Key modules can act as a launch to find your preferred painting and drawing medium. The optional modules allow you to study an area in greater depth.

Put Simply:

  • Completion of 120 credits
  • 20 credits can be at Level “0” (CQFW3)
  • 70 credits must be taken from the Key modules
  • The following modules are compulsory:
  • Tutorial module
  • Three specific art history modules
  • The achievement of a weighted average of 40% overall
  • Attendance at 60% of the course


Format of the Scheme

Key modules give you a sample of art materials and media that you might like to study in more depth. Further modules using specified medium can be found in the Optional Lists and cover three dimensional, design, two dimensional painting and drawing modules, computer related design, printmaking and art history. So, this allows you to design your own learning to your strengths.

Tutors bring our provision to your doorstep but some modules require more technical back up or a larger space and you will need to travel in to Aberystwyth for the odd course, but we try and arrange car shares to help you out. We also rotate classes so that they appear in the different localities over a period of years. You could consider our self -paced online learning instead with no incurred travel costs. Our face-to-face classes are held during the day, evenings and weekends, vacation and summer residential schools. Some classes are held in our main base areas, but we also teach in outreach areas such a village halls and galleries.


What does the Certificate allow me to progress on to?

Completion of the Certificate of Higher Education: Art and Design, plus an interview and portfolio allow entry to the 2nd year of the degree programme (CQFW5) at the School of Art, Aberystwyth.  They have a number of degrees and each degree scheme requires a range of key or core modules that are required in order to transfer; these will be listed in your student hand book which will be sent to you on registration.

To Register for the Certificate click the following link: CHE/DHE Registration Form

Certificate of Higher Education & Employability


Perhaps a few student's comments may give you an insight to what it is like to take a course with us.

  • "Courses provided within the Lifelong Learning programmes give excellent opportunities to continue self development beyond retirement"
  • "The main strength of the course was the wonderful tutor leading it. I was very pleased with the entire course."

  • "It felt like a good progression through the course. The tutor was approachable and helpful, and it has opened up a whole new medium for me"

  • "lively and supportive tuition, the tutors comments were focussed and I was stretched to my limit"

  • "inspiring tutor who fired up the imagination of all students!"

  • "The course was so informative and interesting. I really enjoyed it."
  • "Enjoyed the course and wanted more, excellent tutor with lots of patience"

  • "It's so rare to come across such a gifted and enthusiastic tutor"

  • "Brilliant course, brilliant tutor, loved it"
  • "I liked that it was online & self-paced with clear & enjoyable instruction videos"

  • "It has been an eye opener, I see things differently now, very good tuition"
  • "Being able to plan the course myself instead of having set deadlines, the quality of the feedback and the varied content available through Blackboard. I can't think of any improvements."

  • "There are quite a few art courses for adults in the area (North Essex) but they are not taken as seriously as the ones in Aberystwyth. While I thought the credit system at Aberystwyth was a bit tedious sometimes, I think the various requirements did focus the mind and produce higher quality responses from the students.  Thanks from a grateful student."

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