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Is it for me?

We have long been fascinated by our family histories. Genealogy, as an academic discipline, is an emerging and dynamic field; involving a range of skills in interdisciplinary research.

The Certificate in Genealogical Studies is a part time, flexible scheme, which allows learners to complete at their own pace.

Designed to provide a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of genealogical research, family history, records, archives and heraldry, students will attain the skills needed to carry out independent Genealogical research – involving their own family trees or other topics .

On completion of the certificate, students will have created a portfolio of work which could serve as the basis for professional accreditation, or to unlock further study

Having a Certificate at the end provides recognition of your efforts. Equally you might like to take your studies further and you may be able to use your Certificate as the key to unlock study at a higher level. 

You have five years to complete your studies and within that time can take the courses at your own pace.  Not all courses are on offer each year, but we will ensure that all the courses are made available over a period of time.

Student Feedback

Feedback from our students is consitantly positive, with 90% of students saying they would recommend the course to a friend. Here are just things our students have said about us:

‘I would like to say how enriching the Genealogy course  has been for me. [...] I have had tremendous enjoyment through being associated with your department and I have found the staff to be so helpful and supportive’.

‘It’s really rekindled my love for history!’

‘Tutor is always helpful, approachable and accommodating.’

‘Lovely to have these courses locally – more please!’

‘These courses have lightened my ageing years!’

‘More courses like this – please!’

How do I Start?

If you are interested in taking the certificate you will need to register. It costs nothing and other than the normal course fee, there are no additional costs.

How to access the registration form

You can email your request to: learning@aber.ac.uk or download and print off a form directly from the website How to Enrol on a Course.

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