Modern Languages


Don’t be afraid of learning a new language. We are offering you a new world of opportunities. If you join the beginner’s class you will be amazed at what you have achieved by the end of the first semester. If you started learning a language before but stopped for whatever reason you will be welcomed into one of our levels, postbeginners, lower and higher intermediate or advanced. And if you have enough proficiency in a language but never got an official qualification, the courses will provide different stepping stones to further study. Language learning is something that everyone can do, you are never too old or too young to learn a language. Don’t be afraid to try out your language skills anywhere and anytime. But whatever you do, enjoy the learning experience!

From French and Spanish to Breton and Arabic, our courses encompass a wide array of languages, reflecting the rich tapestry of global communication. They offer a supportive environment where adult learners can dive into linguistic nuances, embrace diverse cultures, and converse with fellow language enthusiasts. In essence, these courses are a passport to not only mastering a new tongue but also to understanding and appreciating the vast world of human connection and cultural exchange.

Why learn a language?

People decide to learn a language for many different reasons. Many say that is a key to the understanding of another way of life. Just think about the people, or new places, books, Internet sites, movies and TV programmes you could enjoy. And at the same time, you could develop a much better understanding of other cultures and lifestyles. Languages open doors and if you are able to communicate successfully in a foreign language, the opportunities offered to you will be greater than you think, regardless of the level at which you are studying. When you make the effort to speak a few words of another language, it makes all the difference. Learning a language also means that you can read the newspapers in the foreign languages, which could give you a fresh perspective on world events. Maybe you know your reasons for learning a new language. If you have a clear reason for learning a language, you will be more motivated to succeed and have a clear goal. You know that being able to communicate in the foreign language is very enriching.

How can I learn?

You will be working in groups or pairs, achieving your goals through collaboration. Our most important aim is to develop student skills using communicative language. The emphasis is on oral skills, where grammar fits in naturally as part of language development. We also aim to make the learning as enjoyable as possible and are always open to suggestions so that our classes can suit you better. All our courses are based on the contemporary language and culture of the country you are studying. This authentic approach will make a substantial difference to your learning, and will connect you with the country’s heritage.  


If you have any questions about the programme please email Antonio Rubio at For administrative queries please email the Lifelong Learning Office


Which languages can I learn?

The full range of languages we now offer is: Arabic, Breton, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish all at different levels.

How do I know which level to join?

We have a page that gives you a lot more information about the different levels (Beginners, Improvers, Advanced etc), go to the page by clicking here.

Language Programme

We are trying to provide language learning experiences not only to students in our University but to the Community in Powys and Ceredigion. This Academic year we have courses in Machynlleth, Aberaeron and Aberystwyth.

We offer weekly and Intensive courses. We hope our courses are of your liking, and that you enjoy every moment of them, the approach, the methodology, the atmosphere of our classes and our friendly tutors. We are here to help you learn that language.

During the third term, we will continue offering revision courses. We hope these courses will reinforce what you already know, making your learning even more enjoyable and relaxed.

Language Exchange Platform

Language Exchange Platform

Language Exchange Platform

In-person Tandem Courses

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