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Course NameVenueTownWeekdayTimeStart DateEnd DateTutor
Figuratively Speaking: The History Of Western Figurative Sculpture (Dl) [CA100]University AberystwythMonday 28-01-2019 05-07-2019Pierse, Alison(Mrs)
Sculpture For Everyone [CA101]Arts Centre AberystwythWednesday 10.00am 17-10-2018 12-12-2018Taris, Angharad(Ms)
The Historical Background To Contemporary Art (Distance Learning) [CA105]University AberystwythMon-Fri 01-10-2018 01-03-2019Jeynes, Jacqueline(Dr)
Tutorial Module - Study Skills For The Che: Art & Design [CA106]Em 0.33 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythWednesday 2.30pm 26-09-2018 01-05-2019Forster, June(Dr)
Basic Sewing Machine Skills [CA108]Em 0.33 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythMonday 6.30pm 05-11-2018 03-12-2018Mckay, Lynne J(Miss)
History Of Printmaking [CA109]School Of Art AberystwythWednesday 1.30pm 24-10-2018 06-02-2019Garratt, Philip J(Mr)
Charcoal Workshop [CA110]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythTuesday 6.00pm 09-10-2018 27-11-2018Monaghan, Peter J(Mr)
Towards Abstraction [CA111]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythSaturday 1.00pm 29-09-2018 24-11-2018Webster, Paul(Mr)
Natural History Illustration Tutorial Module: Book Creation [CA114]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythWednesday 1.00PM 17-10-2018 10-07-2019Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
The Study Of Art And Art History (Distance Learning) [CA201]University AberystwythMon-Friday 04-02-2019 15-06-2019Jeynes, Jacqueline(Dr)
The Still Life [CA202]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythTuesday 10.00am 22-01-2019 12-03-2019Monaghan, Peter J(Mr)
Drawing On The Imagination [CA203]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythSaturday 1.00pm 12-01-2019 25-05-2019Webster, Paul(Mr)
Woodland Landscapes [CA204]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythThursday 5.30pm 21-02-2019 13-06-2019Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Animalia: Animals In Ceramics [CA205]Arts Centre AberystwythFriday 10.00am 08-02-2019 03-05-2019To Be Arranged,
Up-Cycled Theatre Costume Design [CA206]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythSat-Sun 10.00AM 09-03-2019 24-03-2019Rolfe, Jill(Ms)
Creative Watercolour [CA208]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythWednesday 5.00PM 30-01-2019 27-02-2019Pierse, Alison(Mrs)
Introduction To Printmaking [CA302]School Of Art AberystwythTuesday 10.00am 23-04-2019 26-04-2019Macklin, Judy(Ms)
Approaches To Life Drawing [CA303]School Of Art AberystwythTue-Fri 10.00am 11-06-2019 14-06-2019Macklin, Judy(Ms)
Abstracting The Landscape [CA304]Em-B1.12 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus) AberystwythSaturday 1.00pm 18-05-2019 29-06-2019Webster, Paul(Mr)
Art For Starters: Drawing [CB100]British Legion AberaeronMonday 10.00am 08-10-2018 10-12-2018Spencer, Sarah(Miss)
Approaches To Landscape Painting [CB102]Small World Theatre CardiganWednesday 10.00am 21-11-2018 23-01-2019Taris, Angharad(Ms)
Express Yourself: Drawing [CB200]British Legion AberaeronMonday 10.00am 21-01-2019 25-03-2019Spencer, Sarah(Miss)
Pastel Paintings: Figures And Portraits [CB201]Small World Theatre CardiganWednesday 10.00am 06-02-2019 27-03-2019Taris, Angharad(Ms)
Sculpture For Everyone: Wax, Wire And Paper Sculpture [CB202]Small World Theatre CardiganWednesday 10.00am 20-03-2019 01-05-2019Taris, Angharad(Ms)
The Still Life [CB203]Small World Theatre CardiganWednesday 10.00am 16-01-2019 06-03-2019Taris, Angharad(Ms)
Hooked On Wool [CB205]Reading Room LlanonThursday 10.00AM 17-01-2019 28-03-2019Disbury, Fran(Miss)
In And Out Of The Studio [CB300]Llanerchaeron AberaeronMon-Tue 10.00am 20-05-2019 21-05-2019Spencer, Sarah(Miss)
Seas And Skies In Watercolour [CB301]Small World Theatre CardiganWednesday 10.00am 08-05-2019 03-07-2019Taris, Angharad(Ms)
In And Out Of The Studio [CB302]Powerhouse LlandysulMon-Tue 10.00am 29-04-2019 30-04-2019Spencer, Sarah(Miss)
Drawing And Painting The Landscape [CB303]Over The Rainbow TanygroesWednesday 10.00am 22-05-2019 26-06-2019Taris, Angharad(Ms)
Botanical Illustration: 1 [CD101]Bloomfield Centre NarberthMonday 10.00am 19-11-2018 11-02-2019Monaghan, Peter J(Mr)
Natural History Illustration: Shells [CD200]Bloomfield Centre NarberthMonday 10.00am 04-02-2019 18-02-2019Monaghan, Peter J(Mr)
The Still Life [CD201]Bloomfield Centre NarberthMonday 10.00AM 11-03-2019 20-05-2019Monaghan, Peter J(Mr)
Abstracting The Landscape [CD300]Bloomfield Centre NarberthMonday 10.00am 03-06-2019 01-07-2019Monaghan, Peter J(Mr)
Colour Exploration [CF101]Llangasty Village Hall BreconWednesday 2.00pm 17-10-2018 05-12-2018Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
Just Ink! [CF104]Oriel Davies Gallery NewtownMonday 10.00AM 24-09-2018 17-12-2018Webster, Paul(Mr)
Natural History Illustration Tutorial Module: Book Creation [CF105]Willow Gallery OswestryMonday 10.30am 22-10-2018 15-07-2019Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Art For Starters: Drawing [CF200]The Old Museum Muse BreconSaturday 10.00am 02-02-2019 30-03-2019Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
Drawing With Scissors: Collage [CF201]Ty Croeso BreconThursday 10.00am 07-02-2019 04-04-2019Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
Extending The Line: Charcoal [CF202]Tabernacl MachynllethMonday 10.00am 14-01-2019 18-03-2019Spencer, Sarah(Miss)
Colour Exploration [CF203]Oriel Davies Gallery NewtownTuesday 10.00am 26-03-2019 18-06-2019Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Woodland Landscapes [CF204]Willow Gallery OswestryTuesday 10.30am 12-03-2019 25-06-2019Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Up-Cycled Clothing [CF205]Unit K, Old Station, Llanidloes LlanidloesMonday 10.00AM 11-03-2019 01-04-2019Rolfe, Jill(Ms)
Junk Art: Recycled Sculpture [CF300]The Old Museum Muse BreconSaturday 10.00am 04-05-2019 29-06-2019Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
In And Out Of The Studio [CF301]Gliffaes Country House Hotel CrickhowellSat - Sun 11.00am 22-06-2019 23-06-2019Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
Land Art 1 [CF302]Gliffaes Country House Hotel CrickhowellWednesday 11.00am 08-05-2019 19-06-2019Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
In And Out Of The Studio [CF303]Dyfi Osprey Project GlandyfiMon-Tue 10.00am 13-05-2019 14-05-2019Spencer, Sarah(Miss)
In And Out Of The Studio [CF305]Gregynog Hall NewtownSat-Sun 10.30am 29-06-2019 30-06-2019Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Further Up-Cycled Clothing And Pattern Making [CF306]Unit K, Old Station, Llanidloes LlanidloesMonday 10.00AM 17-06-2019 08-07-2019Rolfe, Jill(Ms)
Towards Abstraction [CS100]English Bridge Workshop ShrewsburyFriday 10.00am 28-09-2018 23-11-2018Webster, Paul(Mr)
Natural History Illustration: Birds & Mammals [CS102]Acton Scott Historic Working Farm Church StrettonThursday 10.00AM 18-10-2018 06-12-2018Alston, Katy M(Mrs)
Art For Starters: Drawing [CS104]Mascall Centre LudlowWednesday 10.00AM 03-10-2018 05-12-2018Alston, Katy M(Mrs)
Plant Portraits [CS201]Mascall Centre LudlowThursday 10.00AM 24-01-2019 21-03-2019Alston, Katy M(Mrs)
Intriguing Insects: Natural History Illustration [CS301]Mascall Centre LudlowFri-Sat 10.00AM 10-05-2019 11-05-2019Alston, Katy M(Mrs)

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