Ecology 2 (Level 2) (Distance Learning)

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Module Code: XS29510

Class Code: AA306E

Delivery: Online

Day: Friday

Start Time: 10AM

End Time: 5PM

Start Date: 03-07-2020

End Date: 05-07-2020

Tutor: Beatty, Gemma(Dr)

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Full Fee: £120.00
Concessions: £110.00

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Students will discover the underlying principles that control the patterns of distribution of organisms, from bare ground to the patchwork of habitats seen in the local landscape. They will also investigate and access the factors that control species diversity in our ecosystems and the ecological effect of man's impact on the environment. Both of these are both strong indicators of the health of the planet and essential background knowledge for any field or conservation ecologist.

This module aims to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the interactions of organisms with the environment gained in the core Ecology 1 (level 1, module Certificate level). It considers wider issues and concepts, including plant strategies, ecosystem stability, biodiversity and the ecological impact of man.

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This module is at CQFW Level 5