Introduction to Animal Behaviour

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This course will introduce students to the fascinating and often misinterpreted area of animal behaviour. You will explore how having an insight into behaviours can be applicable for wildlife as well as companion animals. From questions around nature vs nurture to the reasons behind social and life-stage behaviours, this module will build your theoretical and practical understanding of animal behaviour.
Knowledge of animal behaviour is important to a range of careers from Countryside Warden to Wildlife Research Assistant and any industry that works directly with or where decisions involve animals including conservation, consultancy and environmental management. This module develops students' transferrable skills, which will be relevant when studying complementary modules such as Bird ID: An Introduction and Mammals.
Introduction to Animal Behaviour can be studied as a stand-alone course, but it is also an optional module for the Certificate of Higher Education in Field Ecology at Aberystwyth University. This online, self-paced learning course enables students to study from home while participating in an online learning community. The course is delivered through Blackboard, the virtual learning environment, and will include a minimum of one live webinar alongside asynchronous weekly learning materials and activities.
1. Presentation Slides discussing animal behaviour, including both normal and atypical examples. (25%)
2. Behavioural observations, data analysis and written report 1500 words (75%)


This module is at CQFW Level 4