A Few Days Of Stitching

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Module Code: XA01105

Class Code: CA108

Venue: Em 0.33 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus)

Town: Aberystwyth

Day: Tuesday

Start Time: 6.30pm

End Time: 8.30pm

Start Date: 26-11-2019

End Date: 21-01-2020

Tutor: Mckay, Lynne(Miss)

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Full Fee: £60.00
Concessions: £55.00

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‘5 Days of Stitches’ will guide you through the basic hand embroidery techniques, giving a wider repertoire of stitches to help achieve a final piece. We will look at basic hand embroidery tools, techniques and stitches and how to put together an embroidered composition.

Please see the following webpage for further essential information:

The course will run over 5 sessions, each of 2 hours.
On-line guidance prior to the start of the course
Session One
Getting to know your materials. Looking at what a basic embroidery kit should include. Mini Lecture: different types of fabrics and thread and their use in embroidery. Fabrics and threads.
Demonstration: Getting started – exploring straight stitches.
Home study: to purchase basic materials, practice and experiment using straight stitch in a small composition.
Session Two:
‘A Stitch in Time’: Building up a stitch directory: Students begin to make their own stitch directory in a small notebook which can be referred to during and after the course.
Demonstration: Outline Stitches - various basic outline stitches and how students can achieve each technique/stitch.
Composition skills.
Home study: Practice techniques/outline stitches shown and use them in a small composition of their own design.
Session Three
Creating pleasing compositions
Demonstration: Flat Stitches, Couching and Filling Stitches: Looking at further stitches, building up the stitch directory.
Mini Lecture: Building up interesting compositions.
Home study: Practice new stitches learnt and put together an interesting composition using various embroidery stitches.
Session Four:
Final composition presentation: Final directory stitches demonstrated and practiced to the group. Discussion about final composition presentation and what we assess.
Home study: Assessment piece. This will be assessed during the final session.
Session Five:
Assessment of final embroidered piece.
Additional activity: Using different materials in embroidery: Embroidering with ribbon or raffia. Using embellishments such as sequins and beads as part of an embroidery design.


This module is at CQFW Level 3