Mosaic For Artists

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Module Code: XA19710

Class Code: CA306

Venue: University

Town: Aberystwyth

Day: Tues - Fri

Start Time: 10.00am

End Time: 3.30pm

Start Date: 07-07-2020

End Date: 10-07-2020


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Full Fee: £170.00
Concessions: £160.00
Fee Waiver Fee: £60.00

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Pre course study: Preparation, design ideas sheet. A sheet of guidelines and study will be sent to all pre-enrolled students prior to the course. Students may also have the opportunity to include ‘stand alone’ pieces of ceramic for ‘opus sectile’ pieces to include in their work as part of the design.

Lecture: Introduction to materials and methods / Design for Mosaic and working with the Andamento
Demonstration of Indirect and Direct methods of working followed by practical workshop
Practical Workshop: design concepts
Home study: development of ideas design and research

Lecture: Background to mosaic development from Rome to Ravenna
Designing and making pebble mosaic techniques (theory only)
Home study: Design a mosaic using the three forms of applying tesserae to show how the design changes.
Incorporating Smalti, Milliefiore, Roti, Vitreous, Fusions, Marble and Ceramic tessearae

Lecture: Contemporary mosaicists today
Practical workshops in cutting, flow, application, grouting
Demonstration: grouting
Lecture: Pricing up mosaics for commissions and mosaic suppliers

Assessment & Group Critique

Do you know the difference between Opus regulatum and Opus vermiculatum? Learn from the masters of mosaic and learn the skills that give mosaics impact. The course will be delivered as two-third practical and one-third theory. You will learn the different techniques to apply, design and produce mosaics using vitreous, ceramic and found objects. Students will use the Direct method of working but advice will be given on pebble mosaics and Indirect method.


This module is at CQFW Level 4