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Module Code: XA01910

Class Code: CD100

Venue: Bloomfield Centre

Town: Narberth

Day: Monday

Start Time: 10.00am

End Time: 2.00pm

Start Date: 04-11-2019

End Date: 09-12-2019

Tutor: Monaghan, Peter(Mr)

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Full Fee: £110.00
Concessions: £100.00
Fee Waiver Fee: £0.00

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The classes will give you the skills to create a tonal study giving you the experience to work in grisaille. Working with just ink you will learn how to paint and draw using inks and paper that will be supplied by your tutor. Artists use this technique before starting to work in colour. It gives some dramatic visual effects and was used by artists in antiquity and by engravers and glass etchers today.

7 sessions in total
Session One: 2 hours. Meet your materials.
Demonstration by tutor and experimentation session.
Dilution techniques.
Home study: Work on a tonal bar code.
Session Two: 3 hours. Who uses ink?
PowerPoint: Contextual lecture.
Working on a section of a piece of an image 12inch square. Painting using the technique of grisaille.
Home study: Further work on investigation of one artist from the PowerPoint lecture.
Paint up a series of small objects and an cardboard box all white
Session 3: 3 hours What is chiaroscuro?
Working on a painted ‘white still life’
Look at the work of Morandi.
Home study: Finish still life.
Session 4: 3 hours Keith Vaughan, Van Gogh and Samuel Palmer.
Mark making workshop using landscape, using sticks quills and pens.
Home study: transfer those skills to a small study in the logbook.
Session 5: 3 hours What is Tenebrism?
A workshop using high contrast.
Home study: Students work on their self directed study
Session 6: 3 hours Guernica
Looking at how Picasso created Guernica. Compositional evaluation and discussion. What is art for?
Painted and drawn piece using Propaganda as a source inspiration.
Home study: continue working in logbook
Session 7: Assessment session
An introduction to peer review followed by a peer review by students and tutor.


This module is at CQFW Level 3