Employability and Professional Development

If you are seeking employment our courses could give you a competitive edge in the job market. They provide further knowledge, hands on experience and identification skills in subject specific areas that have been highlighted by The National Environment Research Council (NERC) as most wanted by employees in the environmental sector.  NERC identified a critical skills gap in the sectors of Fieldwork, Freshwater Science, Taxonomy and Systemics, Sustainability Science and Planning.  The following courses work towards bridging this skills gap and enhance the employability of people in the environment sector.


  • Identifying Flowering Plants
  • Identifying Mosses, Liverworts and Lichens
  • Identifying Grasses, Sedges and Rushes
  • Field Survey Techniques
  • Pond and Stream Invertebrate Life
  • Freshwater Habitats – Their Ecology and Conservation
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Diversity of Invertebrates in West Wales
  • Identification and Ecology of Fungi (subject to faculty approval)
  • Bird Identification
  • Understanding British Bats
  • Understanding British Mammals 1
  • Understanding British Mammals 2
  • Understanding British Marine Mammals
  • Understanding Amphibians

Sustainability science is a relatively new discipline, necessary to protect natural landscapes using legislation and policy to deliver sustainable use of natural resources. The following courses provide technical skills and knowledge to promote sustainable behaviour in this area:

  • Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability – An Introduction to Permaculture
  • Habitat Reconstruction and Creation
  • Biospheres and The Dyfi UNESCO designation

Individual courses are ideal for professional development to broaden knowledge and enhance skills or to fill skill gaps whilst in employment. An individual course can proudly be added to a C.V. They are ideal for anyone who cannot contemplate full time study due to other commitments and provide you with a part-time pathway to study ecology, even a completed Higher Education Certificate or Diploma in Ecology. All courses are accredited by the University of Aberystwyth and can be selected from the programme to suit your professional needs. A credit certificate provides recognition for your efforts following successful assessment. Congratulations went to 6 Lifelong Learning students who were awarded Certificates of Higher Education in Field Ecology in 2015 Their achievement in completing several years of dedicated study in their free time, some whilst in full time employment, shows that gaining the Certificate is an attainable goal.

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