Optional Modules (10 credits, unless stated otherwise)

In addition to the 30 core modules, you can also follow your own particular interests within the field; selecting your remaining 90 credits from a diverse range of optional modules.


Family History: Using Historical Records Part 3

Family History: Using Historical Records Part 3 (Weekly / Intensive)

Basic Latin for Family and Local Historians

Twentieth Century Family History (new module)

‘We Don’t Talk About Them’: The Outcasts of Family History (new module)

Archaeology and Anthropology of Death and Burial

Reading Historical Documents: Palaeography for Beginners

Reading Historical Documents: Palaeography 2 (20 credits)

Clom, Timber, Stone: Researching the History of your House or Local Buildings

Look Who’s Talking: An Oral History Project 

Genealogy, Computers and the Internet

Deciphering Old Handwriting: Palaeography for Beginners

Maids, Wives, Widows, Whores: the Lives of Medieval Women

The “Weaker Vessel”: Roles of Women in the Seventeenth Century

Family History: Multimedia Presentations 1

Family History: Multimedia Presentations 2

Archaeology for the Local Historian

Archaeology of the Welsh Graveyard

Herstory 1: Researching Women’s History

Herstory 2: Writing and Presenting Women’s History (20 credits)

Writing for the Web

Introduction to Web Design 

Welsh Landed Estates: The Gentry and The People

Presentation and Public Speaking for All (5 credits)

An Introduction to Family History Sources at the National Library of Wales (5 credits)