Purple Plaque Unveiled to Honour Peace Envoy

03 November 2023

A prestigious Purple Plaque will be unveiled in Aberystwyth today (Friday 3 November) in honour of a remarkable woman who led a deputation to the United States of America in 1924 to deliver a peace petition signed by almost 400,000 Welsh women. 

Man runs 3 peaks for Alzheimers with Aberystwyth University support

07 November 2023

A man training to climb the highest three peaks in Britain and run 450 miles between them in just nine days for Alzheimers’ research has been supported by Aberystwyth University experts.

New cultivated meat standards on menu thanks to partnership

09 November 2023

New safety standards for cultivated meat - a technology that could offer a sustainable alternative to livestock farming - are to be developed thanks to a new project.

Kurdish borderland conflict research begins at Aberystwyth University

08 November 2023

The impact of the conflict in the Kurdish borderlands of Turkey will be the focus of new research, following the awarding of a prestigious fellowship.

Israel, Palestine and the Labour party history that has made Keir Starmer's position so difficult

09 November 2023

Writing in The Conversation, Lecturer in International History Dr James Vaughan, discusses the Labour party’s long and deep traditions of competing pro-Zionist and pro-Arab factions.

Aberystwyth academic invites you ‘Into the Dark’

09 November 2023

A book exploring the natural phenomenon of darkness and the way that it fires our imagination has been published by an Aberystwyth University academic today.

With 'Slut!' Taylor Swift joins a long history of women fighting slut-shaming in their writing

09 November 2023

In an article for The Conversation, Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Creative Writing Dr Lucy Thompson explains that the practice of ‘slut-shaming’ goes back centuries and there is a long history of women fighting back.

For All Mankind: space drama’s alternate history constructs a better vision of Nasa

14 November 2023

Writing in The Conversation, Science Fiction expert Dr Val Nolan reviews Apple TV’s series ‘For All Mankind’, which is set in an Apollo era transformed by the inclusion of women, characters of colour and LGBTQ+ protagonists.

Magicians less prone to mental health problems than other performers – study

15 November 2023

Magicians are less likely to suffer from the mental health challenges faced by other creative people, like musicians and comedians, according to a new study.

How the Welsh language is being promoted to help migrants feel at home

16 November 2023

Writing in The Conversation, Dr Huw Lewis from the Department of International Politics in collaboration with academics from other Welsh universities, explains how the Welsh language is being used to help to integrate refugees and asylum seekers.

Royal award for pioneering parasite research at Aberystwyth University

17 November 2023

Aberystwyth University has been awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for its pioneering work in helping to tackle the devastating impact of parasitic flatworms.

Creative minds are vulnerable to mental illness – but magicians escape the curse

16 November 2023

In an article for The Conversation, Psychology lecturer Dr Gil Greengross describes his research which found that creative people such as comedians and artists are more likely to face challenges with their mental health, but the same does not apply to magicians.

Self-powered gym to open in new sports dome

24 November 2023

Plans for a major new training facility at Aberystwyth University are at an advanced stage following the installation of a new sports dome on Penglais Campus.

Aberystwyth students win UN-backed prize for bird flu research

21 November 2023

Aberystwyth University students have scooped a major World Food Forum award for their research tackling bird flu.

UK Space Agency funds work to replace Russian components on Mars rover

23 November 2023

The UK Space Agency will provide an additional £10.7 million to replace a Russian-made instrument on the Rosalind Franklin rover, so that it can launch to Mars in 2028.

Aberystwyth University marks White Ribbon Day #ChangeTheStory

23 November 2023

Aberystwyth University will mark White Ribbon Day (Saturday 25 November) this year with the launch of a new poster to highlight the international campaign to bring an end to violence against women and girls.

International partnership to develop vaccine for parasitic diseases affecting millions

24 November 2023

A new international partnership has been established to develop a vaccine for parasitic diseases which infect hundreds of millions of people.

Do claims that Crimean Tatars are worse off under Putin than Stalin stand up? An expert examines the evidence

24 November 2023

Writing in the Conversation, Dr Gerald Hughes from the Department of International Politics discusses whether Crimean Tatars are worse off under Putin than Stalin.

Doctor Who 60: show has always tapped into political issues – but never more so than in the 1970s

24 November 2023

Writing in the Conversation, Prof Jamie Medhurst from the Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies discusses how the show Doctor Who has always tapped into political issues – but never more so than in the 1970s.

Philanthropist meets beneficiaries of Welsh history scholarship

27 November 2023

A philanthropist who donated half a million pounds to his alma mater has visited Aberystwyth University to meet the first postgraduate students to benefit from his generosity.

The Old College mosaic

29 November 2023

Described as a “blot” and “unfortunate” by detractors in the latter part of the 1800s, the mosaic on the southern-most wing of Aberystwyth University’s Old College has become a defining feature of the iconic Gothic Victorian building.

Kindertransport’s complex legacy: saving children from the Nazis while leaving their families behind

30 November 2023

Writing in The Conversation, Dr Andrea Hammel from the Department of Modern Languages discusses the complex legacy of Kindertransport.

Old College project to honour Enigma code-breaker

30 November 2023

A seminar room in Aberystwyth University’s Old College will be dedicated to the memory of a former student who contributed to breaking the Enigma code during the Second World War.