Recent PhD's and Projects

Andy McGlynn (2010) - Optical and X-ray Spectroscopy of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors and Organic Thin Films

Owain Roberts (2009) - The Application of Real-time Photoelectron Spectroscopy to Carbon-based Semiconductors

Tom Chase (2009) - The Correction of Artefacts in an Imaging Detector used for Electron Spectroscopy

Abel Brieva (2005) - Structre and Morphology of Phthalocyanine Thin Films on Silicon-Based Substrates

Adam Bushell (2005) - A New Multi-channel Detector for Electron Spectroscopy and its Application to Single Crystal Diamond

Alex Vearey-Roberts (2005) - Organic Semiconductor Interlayers and their Role in GaAs Diode Modification

Jochaim Steiner (2003) - In-situ Monitoring of Copper Phthalocyanine on III-V Semiconductor Surfaces