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The Student Wellbeing Service understands the importance of maintaining a healthy wellbeing to enable students to thrive in their time here at Aberystwyth University and beyond. We are here to help any student with any wellbeing issue, whether it is an issue about friendship, bereavement, anxiety or workload stress, mild to moderate or severe and enduring mental health issues.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-2023

Support options

We advise seeking help and advice regarding wellbeing issues as soon as possible. Acting swiftly will give you more control of the situation, whilst promoting recovery and helping to enhance your everyday engagement with life.

1-to-1 support

We offer 1-to-1 Resource Appointments with our Mental Health Specialists or Counsellors which last between 30 and 45 minutes. This time is for you to talk about your current difficulties and the practitioner will assess any particular need, whilst together you formulate an action plan of possible solutions. The agreed action plan will be emailed to you following the appointment.

Further actions may be another ‘follow up’ appointment with a practitioner, to see how you are managing after engaging with the agreed actions. Or, it may be that there is a particular support need and the practitioner will talk to you about how to contact any specialist service.

To access an appointment, you can complete our registration form if you want to tell us about your difficulties. This will help the practitioner to know more about the situation and identify whether you need to speak to a Mental Health Specialist or Counsellor. You will then be able to book an appropriate slot. All sessions can be held in-person or online, depending on your preference. 

Please complete the Secure online registration form to arrange an appointment.

Online resources

We run a range of online presentations, developed and delivered by qualified practitioners to help you gain control of your situation. See more information about these in our Wellbeing Presentations page.

We have a range of online help and advice from materials, useful links, apps, and web-based platforms to training sessions that can complement our services. See more information about these in our Resources Page.

Support for diagnosed Mental Health Conditions

Any student with a long-standing Mental Health Condition can access advice from the Accessibility Service, within the Student Support and Careers Services department. They can advise on the range of support options available to help meet individual needs, so that you can reach your full potential. Please see the Accessibility Services webpages for more information on adapted accommodation, access to learning areas, equipment, software and examination arrangements.

The Student Wellbeing Service team have Specialist Mental Health Mentors who work with those students with a diagnosed or emerging long term mental health condition to help keep them on track with their studies. Mental Health Mentoring is funded through Disability Students Allowance and eligibility for this can be discussed with the Accessibility team whilst more information is available on their webpages:

Accessibility webpages

Email: accessibility@aber.ac.uk

Phone: 01970 621761 / 622087

Concerns about a student

Our flowchart has been designed to help you know what the best support pathway would be when you are concerned about someone else. Seeking help and advice when there are concerns can help get the right support in place promptly.

Mental Health Flow Chart

Online raising concerns form

You can tell us if you have concerns about someone else. Complete our Raising Concerns Form to give us details of the concerns and a practitioner will contact you to advise on how best to progress.

Support to Study

Sometimes a temporary or long-term medical condition can impact on a student’s ability to fully engage with their studies and there may be concerns about the impact this is having on others. The Support to Study Policy will help guide you on early steps that are required to provide a student with support to study where there are concerns, and then referral pathways if required.

Our Practitioners welcome any discussion about fitness to attend concerns and are here to help you and the student with this process. We encourage swift responses to early concerns, to help resolve issues and get the most appropriate support in place wherever possible.

Contact us

Email: studentwellbeing@aber.ac.uk

Phone: 01970 621761 / 622087

Opening hours: Our services are available in person and remotely between 9am and 5pm Monday–Thursday and 9am and 4pm on Fridays.

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