Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

Certain international applicants will be legally required to apply for Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance, and provide an ATAS certificate as part of the admissions process. The need for ATAS clearance will depend on the applicant's nationality and the programme that they are proposing to study at Aberystwyth University.  The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office ATAS website provides details of the types of courses to which ATAS applies.  At Aberystwyth University these are mostly postgraduate research programmes in the sciences. 

If your proposed studies at Aberystwyth University require ATAS clearance, the relevant HECoS code, and a mini-abstract for your proposed research, will accompany your offer letter.  Please note that if ATAS does apply, then this will be a condition of your offer, and we will not be able to confirm your place, nor issue a CAS, until ATAS clearance is received.

It is your responsibility to apply for ATAS clearance via the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office website in a timely fashion, in order to ensure that ATAS clearance is received to meet the admissions deadlines outlined in your offer. ATAS usually advise that the processing of an ATAS application takes between 3 and 5 weeks.  However, applicants have recently been experiencing significant delays with this process, and applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to make their ATAS application as soon as they receive their offer letter. 

Current students at Aberystwyth University who are seeking to extend their visas may also require ATAS clearance.  Students in this position should contact our International Student Advisor for further advice  

Click here for further information from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on ATAS.     

Further guidance on how to complete the ATAS form is also available.