Student Life and Support


Further information on the support that we provide our students in both their studies and social lives, as they transition to University. 

Welcome Events

During Aberystwyth University’s Orientation Week and Big Welcome Weekend, the Students' Union organizes Meet and Greet sessions for incoming mature students.

Mature Students Officer

Aberystwyth Students’ Union has a number of Volunteer Officer who have been elected by fellow students across the University to feedback the views of students regionally and nationally.

The Mature Students’ Volunteer Officer representative within the Students’ Union provides mature students with a point of contact, support, information and social events, and a mature students’ society.

Personal Tutor

Mature students at Aberystwyth are assigned a personal tutor. They play an important role in  supporting mature students in their personal development at the University. They are able to identify where students might find support, how and where to seek advice and how to approach support to maximise their student experience.

Personal Tutors also provide a regular point of contact between students and their academic department, subject or Faculty. Tutors are available for consultations, and able to refer students for specialised advice elsewhere in the University.

Peer Support

Further information on our Departmental Peer Guides and Signpost Mentors, aiming to help new students live and study more independently and adjust to life at University.

Peer Guides and Signpost Mentoring


University Accommodation

Aberystwyth University guarantees a place at a University owned or managed accommodation to every first year undergraduate student.

The University does not have dedicated mature student residences. Mature students can choose any of the available accommodation to suit any budget and preference .  

See our How to Apply pages for more information.