Finance and Procurement

Financial Accounts

The University produces audited financial statements for each academic year (01 August to 31 July). These are available below:

2021/2022 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2020/2021 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2019/2020 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2018/2019 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2017/2018 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2016/2017 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2015/2016 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2014/2015 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2013/2014 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2012/2013 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2011/2012 Financial Accounts (pdf)

2010/2011 Financial Accounts (pdf)


Modern Slavery Statement

As required by the Modern Slavery Act (2015) the University publishes annual slavery and human trafficking statements:

For the financial year ended 31/07/2022

For the financal year ended 31/07/2021

For the financial year ended 31/07/2020

For the financial year ended 31/07/2019

For the financial year ended 31/07/2018


Transparent Reporting of Income and Expenditure

The University is funded from a wide range of sources. Our use of the money we receive is also underpinned by a commitment to provide value for money and invest in developments that benefit our students. The following Transparent Reports on Income and Expenditure have been published:

For the financial year ended 31/07/2019