Police Enquiries

From time to time, the University receives requests for personal data from the Police - either Dyfed Powys or another Force – allowed for by current data protection legislation. This page sets out how the University will handle such requests.

To whom should requests be directed?

During office hours all requests for information should be directed to:

  • Information Governance Team, (For information in respect of students) infogovernance@aber.ac.uk
  • Human Resources Department, Visualisation Centre (For information in respect of staff) (01970) 628555

Outside of office hours all requests should submitted via Campus Reception (01970) 623111

How should information be requested?

Requests may be received in person or by phone but must be accompanied by a personal data request form, supplied by the Police.  The form must be signed by an officer of the rank of Sergeant or above).

In cases of extreme urgency, completed forms may be provided after information has been supplied (as soon as possible).

Who can authorise disclosure of information?

The following individuals can authorise the release of information in response to Police requests:

  • Data Protection Manager (for information in respect of staff and students)
  • Records Manager (for information in respect of staff and students)
  • Director of Human Resources (for information in respect of staff)
  • Director of Student Support (for information in respect of students)
  • Head of Campus Life (for information in respect of students in University accommodation or, out of hours, in respect of all students)

What Information Can Be Disclosed?

In most cases, where basic information (e.g. confirmation of student status, address, phone number, likelihood of whereabouts at any given time) regarding a named individual and a specific incident is requested, the University is likely to respond positively. It should be noted that the data subject may be a victim, potential witness or potential suspect.

In cases where a large amount of information is requested, or information is regarded as sensitive / special category under data protection legislation (e.g. physical or mental health, sexuality) authorised staff will consider the relevance and proportionality of the request.

Similarly, if only a description is provided, and there are a number of potential data subjects, more detailed consideration must to be given to what information can be disclosed, together with the likelihood of direct dialogue with the officers involved.

Please address any queries or concerns to infogovernance@aber.ac.uk