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"The Centre for Responsible Societies (CRiSis)"

Can we put an economic value on nature?

The new interdisciplinary research centre The Centre for Responsible Societies (CRiSis) hosted by Aberystwyth University's Business School and collaborating with researchers in IBERS and Geography aims to research this question.

Professor Mike Christie co-chairs the IPBES values assessment.

Professor Mike Christie co-chairs the IPBES values assessment. The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services’ (IPBES) was established in response to requests from decision makers, to assess the state of biodiversity and of the “nature’s contribution to people” (NCP) provided to society.

What will the post 2020 European biodiversity strategy look like?

 Professor Mike Christie presents the IPBES European and Central Asia Assessment at the ALTER-NET conference 2019.