Pre Registration

Step by Step Instructions

The modules that appear on your record [academic year (2020/2021)] are the core modules for your study scheme. Please follow the steps below to pre register all your module choices for next session.

Pre-registration Period: Monday 14 September–Monday 21 September 2020

STEP 1 Please read the General Information relating to Pre Registration.

STEP 2 Please consult the Departmental Requirements for all departments where you propose to study next session to ensure you meet their requirements.

STEP 3 Access the Study Schemes Database to check the requirements for your scheme.

STEP 4 Access the Modules Database for details on all modules to be taught next session.

If you propose to change your Study Scheme you must discuss it with your department first then process a Change of Registration request online via your Student Record by clicking on the 'Academic Record' link on the top of your home page.  From the drop down menu click on  'Change Registration' and follow the instructions.  You should do this as soon as possible as it will have to be processed before you can continue.

STEP 5 Once you have input your module choices for next session on your 'Student Record' and clicked on the "Confirm Pre Registration Choices" button you will receive further instruction.  Please note that it is possible that certain optional modules will not run – for example, if enrolment numbers are too low.

STEP 6 Pre-registration closes at 5 pm Monday 21 September 2020.