Where and How to Report Changes to Your Student Record.

Change of Name

You can report that you wish to change your name directly on your Student Record on the web.  Minor changes for example mis-spelt names can be changed without the need to provide official documentation, this would normally take no more than 5 working days and you should allow 5 working days before you will see the change appear on your record. 

However, if there is a significant change to your name we will require you to provide official documentation to show your new name to the Academic Registry, e.g. Marriage certificate or Deed Poll Certificate.  You will be emailed by the Academic Registry and asked  to provide documentation certifying your new name to the Academic Registry normally within 5 working days.  Once we receive the required documentation your name will be changed within 24 hrs.

After your name has been changed you will receive an email confirming the change has been made and your new name will appear on your Student Record on the web.  If you need a new student card you should go along to the issue desk in the Hugh Owen Library and request a new card showing your new name after your name has changed on your student record.


Change of Addresses

If you wish to change your Term or Home address you can do so online on your Student Record.  Any change of address is updated immediately and you should be able to view your new address immediately after you have completed the change.  Please remember that you must provide a post code for all private addresses.