Support for Transgender and Gender Diverse Students

The Accessibility and Inclusion Team offers support for Transgender and Gender Diverse students and applicants. We aim to create a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for students to explore and embrace their gender identity.

Our team can offer confidential advice and support with changing your name, accommodation queries, and any other questions you may have. We can also help you prepare a deed poll free of charge if you wish to change your name legally.

Graduates of Aberystwyth University may also apply to have degree certificates updated to reflect a new name.

Changing your name

We recognise that gender diverse students may not wish to wait until they have legally changed their name before updating their name with the University. There are three ways to change your name at Aberystwyth University, and two can be done quickly with no legal name change required:

Known as name

This appears on your email display name and on most University IT systems. Login and change it on your Student Record, or contact the Accessibility and Inclusion Team (no legal documents required). We cannot guarantee that your old name will not occasionally appear; to prevent this, apply for an Aber ID instead.

Aber ID

This removes your old name from University IT systems so no one else can see it. It does not change your name legally with the University. Login to your Student Record and update your forenames and/or surname to begin. The Accessibility and Inclusion Team will contact you to explain the process (no legal documents required).

Full name change

This is the name which appears on your degree. To change it, the University requires a deed poll and updated driving licence or passport in your new name.

Information for Applicants

Applicants who wish to change their name can contact the Accessibility and Inclusion Team at any point up to and including arrival at Aberystwyth University.

Aber Card

If you have changed your name, or if your photograph no longer reflects your appearance, we can arrange a new Aber Card free of charge. Contact the Accessibility and Inclusion Team to request one.

Deed Poll and ID

The Accessibility and Inclusion Team can help you produce a deed poll free of charge. There is no need to pay for an online service or an enrolled deed poll unless you wish to.

To make a deed poll, fill out this template with your details and sign it with two witnesses. We are happy to advise, and act as witnesses if required.

We can also advise on the process of updating your driving licence and passport to complete your legal name change. International Students and visa holders who wish to change their names with the University should contact us for further information.


If you have any specific accommodation requirements please contact the Accessibility and Inclusion Team to discuss.


All students and staff are free to use toilets and facilities in line with their self-declared gender identity. There are also a number of gender neutral and accessible toilets available across campus.

Students with staff contracts

If you also work for the University, we can help you liaise with Human Resources to have your details updated on staff systems.

Further resources

Aberystwyth Students' Union

Aberystwyth Students' Union provides advice, support and socialising opportunities.

Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Network

A safe and welcoming social group run by the Students' Union for all transgender and gender non-conforming students, as well as those questioning and allies coming to support a friend.

Wellbeing Service

The Wellbeing Service have a range of options to help students gain control of any well-being issue. Contact them to find out more.

Transgender Equality Statement

See the Transgender Equality Statement for further details of Aberystwyth University's policy for gender diverse students and staff.

Report and Support

You can report any incidents to the University, anonymously or not, via Report and Support