Latest News

We have had loads of great feedback over the course of the year and we just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some positive improvements we have made for 2019/20 and beyond! We still have spaces in residences for 2019/20 so apply now to avoid disappointment

  • First and foremost, Friday morning fire alarm system tests are no longer a thing!
    All fire alarm system testing has now been moved from the morning to later on in the day across all of our accommodation sites!
    (Please note that this is regarding fire alarm system testing only and does not affect fire drills).
  • Thanks to our new and improved attendance systems, from 2019/20 our residents will only need to attend our Accommodation Fire Talks once.
    This means that if you return to stay with us next year (and in following years) and, if you attended a fire talk in 2018/19, you will not be required to attend a repeat of the talk!
    (Please note that residents who did not attend the talk for 2018/19 or, failed to register correctly, will still need to attend the talk in 2019/20).
  • Found yourself in need of food or clear recycling bags out of office hours?
    We now ensure a small stock of all recycling bags are available in our laundry rooms so that our residents always have access to the appropriate bags for their recycling.
    Think green & recycle!
  • Needing a night or two in our emergency or temporary accommodation can be an uneasy time for our residents.
    To try and make this temporary arrangement an easier and more pleasant experience for our residents we are now providing tea/ coffee/ biscuits and basic toiletries in individual bedrooms in all emergency accommodation.
  • Did you know that Y Ffald in Block 2, Fferm Penglais was a communal space for all our residents?
    Well, now you know and, to make the space an even better one for 2019/20 we are opening up the kitchenette for all to use!
    In 2019/20, why not come to check out the space and have a cuppa?
  • Lighting up your path and guiding you on your way, we have installed lighting columns on the path leading down from PJM and heading underneath the foot-bridge.
  • Blinded by the lights?
    New for 2019/20, blinds have been installed in both Rosser and PJM Lounges to make them an even more comfortable environment for you to work in and enhance your living and learning experience.
  • Working with our partners over on the PJM site, for 2019/20 we will:
    - ensure that our programme will be complete for all kitchens on the site to have upgraded furniture ready for the start of the year and;
    - thinking of the wildlife that we share our environment with around the site, ‘wildlife barriers’ are in effect around the site ensuring it is a site where students and wildlife alike can thrive!

Remember you can still apply for University Accommodation for 2019/20.