Accommodation Fees

From the shore to gently rolling hills, we offer an extensive range of accommodation for a great value. Whether you desire an en-suite or a standard room, catered or self-catered facilities, we have a variety of options to suit your budget and preferences. 

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Accommodation Fees 2023/2024

Residence Room Type Three instalments   Weekly rate Nightly rate Length of Contract Self- Catered Catered Welsh Medium
Annual cost Oct £ Jan £ April £ July £
Cwrt Mawr Single 4,302 £1,638.86 £1,544.31 £1,008.53        X 110.31 15.76 (2) 39 weeks tick    
Trefloyne Single 4,302 £1,638.86 £1,544.31 £1,008.53        X 110.31 15.76 (2) 39 weeks tick    
Fferm Penglais (En-suite) Single 6,717 £2,494.89 £2.350.95 £1,703.24        X 167.93 23.99 (3) 40 weeks tick   Designated Areas
Fferm Penglais (Studio) Single 7,385 £2,743.00 £2,584.75 £1,872.63        X 184.63 26.38 (3) 40 weeks tick    
Pantycelyn (En-Suite) Single 6,515* £2,199.87 £2,171.67 £1,946.04        X 197.41 28.20 (1) 33 weeks   tick tick
Pentre Jane Morgan Single 4,758 £1,812.57 £1708.00 £1,115.43        X 121.99 17.43 (2) 39 weeks tick    
Rosser (En-suite) Single 5,400 £2,057.14 £1,938.46 £1,265.93        X 138.45 19.78 (2) 39 weeks tick    
Rosser (En-suite / Postgraduate) Single 7,664 £2,277.30 £2,145.92 £1,707.98 £1,379.52 153.27 21.90 (4) 50 weeks tick    


*Including a sum of £1,905.75 as a prepaid meal allowance.

(1) 33 weeks =

22/09/2023 – 16/12/2023 (12 weeks)

06/01/2024 – 23/03/2024 (11 weeks)

13/04/2024 – 21/06/2024 (10 weeks)

(2) 39 weeks =

22/09/2023 – 21/06/2024

(3) 40 weeks =

22/09/2023 – 28/06/2024

(4) 50 weeks =

22/09/2023 – 06/09/2024

  • Rates and dates are subject to change for future academic years.
  • Daily and weekly rates are accurate.
  • Annual cost is to the nearest pound.
  • Instalment figures are approximate.
  • Accommodation Fees include energy, the provision of a network connection, a high level of personal contents insurance and Sports Centre membership.

Payment of Accommodation Fees

Accommodation fees for students living in University Accommodation can be paid by either a single payment of the yearly fee or via a maximum of three instalments, in October, January and April (these are subject to change in order to coincide with student loan payments). Students are required to make the necessary arrangements for payment whilst completing the online Accommodation Occupation Contract when securing University Accommodation.

The University will adopt standardised collection procedures that encourages students to pay on time. However, where there are outstanding fees and charges the University will instigate debt recovery processes. Further information regarding this can be found on the Fair Debt Collection Policy for Students webpage.

If a student fails to honour agreements to pay Accommodation Fees, proportionate and fair action to encourage settlement of the debt will be taken. This may include the imposition of like for like sanctions as follows:

  • Loss of right to receive further University accommodation.
  • Retention of accommodation deposit.
  • Referral of debt to external debt collection agency.
  • Action taken through the Courts for the recovery of debts.  A court judgement will severely affect your credit rating making it difficult for you to obtain future credit, mobile phone contract, mortgage, etc.

Students experiencing difficulties in paying any fees should seek financial advice or guidance at the earliest opportunity by contacting the Student Fees Office:

E-mail –

Telephone – (01970) 622043

Additional help and support can be found from The Advice, Information and Money Service and The Students’ Union.


Acceptance fee

A sum equivalent to 7 nights' rent is payable in order to reserve a room in University Accommodation.  Students are required to make the necessary payment whilst completing the online Accommodation Occupation Contract when securing University Accommodation.

On commencement of the occupation period, the Acceptance Fee will convert to a pre-payment of the Accommodation Fee and shall be utilised as such on the first due date.