Welcome! As a graduate of Aberystwyth University, you are welcome to use our services. 

You may be a recent graduate or may be revisiting career decisions you made some time ago. You may know exactly what you're next steps are, or you might have no ideas.  Either way, we will do our best to help you. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Talk with a Careers Consultant as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time to think about your options and make a start on planning for your future.
  • Pop into a drop-in session if you’re in the area. If you’re not able to visit in person, you can email in any questions, or CV’s, cover letters and applications that you would like checked. We also have a range of helpful leaflets available.
  • Ask your network…… Networking is about talking to people and asking for help from people you already know. It can also introduce you to someone who can help you. You can easily start to develop your own network of useful contacts by talking to your friends and family about your job search.
  • Start your own businesshave you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur?  Many graduates decide to begin their own business upon graduation. Why not check out the AberPreneurs element of the Careers Service, who can provide advice and support for students, graduates and staff on starting a business.
  • Consider whether your career might need Postgraduate study
  • Have a look at the subject specific information for ideas of where your degree could take you.
  • Search ABERcareers, where you can find a range of graduate opportunities advertised, as well as placements, voluntary opportunities, part-time work and events. For upcoming events, be aware that many of these take place during the autumn term, before Christmas. As a graduate you will need to register on the system when you access it for the first time.
  • Have a look on Finding and Applying for Jobs for more information on locating opportunities, and writing applications
  • Make the most of the careers resources available to you - and make sure you get help with writing CV's, Covering Letters and Application Forms, as well as preparing for interviews and assessment centres.

Have a look at Contact Us for further information on our services, and for advice on seeing a Careers Consultant. Feel free to visit, email or telephone us or arrange for us to discuss matters with you via Skype.  Remember that you can use us for as long as you need - we're here to help.