Prospective Students

So you are thinking of undertaking a university degree programme – what an excellent idea and one that will open so many new doors to you for your future career path.  Following a degree programme is about immersing yourself as fully as possible into the whole student experience whilst you are at university and giving yourself the chance to be involved in a range of activities that will not so easily be available to you at any other time in the future.


Every activity in which you are involved will help you develop skills, knowledge and attributes that will make you more effective as a student, a member of the community and as a future potential employee and/or employer.  Developing as broad a range of skills and experiences as possible within students whilst at university is one of the main functions of higher education.  Just remember that skills are transferable from one aspect of your life to the other and once you have developed a skill and learnt how to use it effectively it will be valuable to you during your academic studies, in any committees of which you are a member, whilst undertaking part-time work or placements and in the future.


Academic studies are the priority for you whilst you are at university, but you also need to learn how to manage and balance your time effectively to allow yourself the chance to engage with extra-curricular activities that will include:


  • social commitments and interests by engaging with clubs and societies
  • additional department based activities such as academic subject based societies and ambassador roles for your department
  • volunteering opportunities
  • part-time jobs and casual work
  • placements, internships and more structured work experience opportunities
  • positions of responsibility as Academic Representative, committee member and Students’ Union roles
  • enterprise and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • sporting accomplishments
  • academic expertise and high achievements


So go ahead and get involved.  Understand the full benefit of being at university, but also research beforehand how your degree programme can support your future plans and help you identify possible career paths.  Check out our Subject Specific pages for more information on career ideas related to each of our academic department, but also check out our suggestions for valuable work experience and the clubs and societies on offer here at Aberystwyth University.


We look forward to welcoming you to Aberystwyth!