Language Resources

 Help Sheets

Tailored support for Aberystwyth University staff to assist with working within the Welsh Language Standards and the University’s Welsh language policies. Templates, vocabulary, sentences and names of departments and buildings.

National Database of Terms

The National Database of Terms where you can look up specific words online or download entire dictionaries to your translation memory.

Term Cymru

The terminology database created and maintained by the Welsh Assembly Government Translation Service.

Y Termiadur

A database which was developed as a project of the Language Technologies Unit, Canolfan Bedwyr, Bangor University.

Cynllun Sabothol

A scheme sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government to increase the number of bilingual teachers, lecturers and work-based learning training providers in Wales.


A computer package for your PC to help correct linguistic mistakes which includes a dictionary. For information on how to install Cysgliad on your PC go to


An on-line improving Welsh course found on the Cynllun Sabothol website. The Cymarfer Colegau course is also available to download here or you may borrow the compact discs from the Centre for Welsh Language Services (contact the Welsh Language Development Officer :

For students in particular:

Study Skills (In Welsh)

A series of help sheets in Welsh based on workshops developed by Elin ap Hywel, Author in Residence.

Y Porth

An e-learning platform for the Welsh Medium Higher Education Sector which includes learning and teaching resources and information about collaborative Welsh medium modules.


Gwerddon is an academic e-journal which publishes scholarly research in Welsh in the Sciences, Arts and Humanities.