Translating Websites and Web Pages

In order to facilitate the work of translating websites and web pages please include the following when sending the work to the Centre:

For a website:

  • The number of words per page
  • A Word file for every page including the relevant photographs and the URL of the page
  • A list of the alternative text for picture and image files

For individual pages it is sufficient to send the URL.

Updating a Website

The Centre will have decided which pages of you departmental website should be bilingual and please remember that the Welsh text should be updated when you revise the English text. This work may be sent for translation (which could be a few words, sentence's or paragraphs). When sending the work to be updated or revised please ensure that the changes have been clearly marked.


The Centre can offer support to departmental webmasters in developing and setting out bilingual websites. Please contact Lowri Jones for further advice.