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Clare, A., Williams, H. E. and Lester, N. M. (2004) Scalable Multi-Relational Association Mining. In proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Data Mining ICDM '04. See pdf

Radar is based on the technology from RMIT's Zettair search engine.


(-h for help)
usage: ./radar [-a] [-p] [-i] [-m bytes] [-f index_name]
[-c [-d max_depth] [-s min_support] [-r] [-n startfrom] [-t]

-i: use ./radar to produce an index
-a: auto mine
-m: limit memory usage to approximately this amount (in bytes)
-f: use this as the prefix for the index name
-p: prints the index
-c: count all associations to max_depth, using min_support frequency,
optionally restarting (-r) from an assoc given on stdin, or starting counting
from a particular term in bias
-t: tests an indexed database against an assoc file, read from stdin


C source for Linux: radar.20040715.tgz

Install with:

tar xvfz radar.20040715.tgz
cd radar.20040715

Sample data

Mutagenesis: muta.tgz