About our Degrees

‌‌Degree schemes in Computer Science are designed on a flexible modular system.

You will acquire the core knowledge and skills of computer science in modules making up about two thirds of your studies.

You can then choose either to specialise in one of a number of areas within Computer Science, or to broaden your experience by choosing modules from other departments.

Joint honours students spend half their time studying computer science, and half their other subject. Students taking the major in Computer Science spend two thirds of their time with the department, and one third following a coherent programme of modules making up a minor in another subject. There is also a minor in Computer Science, which has been designed to enable students of other subjects to learn about programming, software design and implementation, and databases.

The first year provides all students, whether or not they have studied computer science before, with a common foundation. Students with no previous knowledge of computing take a module that introduces the concepts of software development, the software environment at Aberystwyth, and the programming language Java. Students who have studied computing before, at school or college, or who have extensive experience, will also learn Java, but in a module which emphasises design and 'programming in the large'.

Other first year core modules introduce databases (unless studied at A level or equivalent), the principles of computer architecture, web programming, and personal and professional development. Optional modules allow you to get up to speed in areas where you may need more background, or to explore areas that you can study in more depth in later years.

In the second year you will specialise in your chosen subject area. All students participate in the Software Development Lifecycle module which includes a group project.

In your third taught year you will spend one third of your time completing a major project in an area which interests you.

Professional Accreditation

BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT accept all of our degrees where the student studies Computer Science modules for at least two thirds of their time for the appropriate level of accreditation.