Micro-credential module: Introduction to Programming

This microcredential module provides a basic grounding in computer programming skills and assumes no previous knowledge or ability in that area. However you will need to possess a reasonable degree of computer literacy (e.g. the ability to install and run new programs).

After exploring the fundamentals of computer languages and algorithms you will move on to problem solving by writing your first programs using the C++ language. Delivery will be online through lectures, recordings and practical workshops for which you will require access to an internet connection.

Location: Online
Level: Beginners
Dates: 20  June  - 22 July 2022
Contact time: Two evenings a week, 5 weeks
Contact: Graeme Tyson grt20@aber.ac.uk
Cost: Free
More info: https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/modules/deptcurrent/CX12010/ABS/