The Geomicrobiology of Glacial Systems

CfG staff: , Tris Irvine-Fynn

Our particular focus is the microbial communities associated with glaciers and ice sheets, which we now appreciate, comprise a major freshwater biome which harbours an equivalent number of cells to all other freshwater habitats. This research maps the biogeography of ice-microbe interactions across a broad range of spatial and temporal scales, from microbial, ice-mass through to global scales, and from metabolic reactions through to modelling glacial biogeochemistry during the last glacial period. The discovery of microbial feedbacks in glacial melting and distinctive microbial biodiversity associated with glaciers help highlight the relevance of current research on ice-microbe interactions on societally-relevant and evolutionary timescales. Methodologies blend field-based survey and in situ experimentation on Polar and Alpine glaciers with cutting-edge meta- multiomics methods such as metagenomics, metatranscriptomics and metabolomics, coupled with high throughput DNA sequencing enabled genome and marker gene studies.

Active research projects in this area are currently supported by NERC, The Royal Society, SynTax, The Systematics Association and the Welsh Government.

Key Publications:

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