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Dr Joe Ironside

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Sex or food? Effects of starvation, size and diet on sexual cannibalism in the amphipod crustacean Gammarus zaddachiIronside, J., Dalgleish, S., Kelly, S. & Payne, W. 2018 In : Aquatic Ecology.
From ocean sprawl to blue-green infrastructure: A UK perspective on an issue of global significanceEvans, A., Firth, L. B., Hawkins, S. J., Hall, A. E., Ironside, J., Thompson, R. C. & Moore, P. 2018 In : Environmental Science and Policy.91, p. 60-6910 p.
Multiple origins of parasitic feminisation: thelygeny and intersexuality in beach-hoppers are caused by paramyxid parasites, not microsporidiaPickup, J. & Ironside, J. 2018 In : Parasitology.145, 3, p. 408-41515 p.
Accumulation and exchange of parasites during adaptive radiation in an ancient lakeIronside, J. & Wilkinson, T. 2018 In : International Journal for Parasitology.48, 3-4, p. 297-307
Population genetic structure of the European lobster (Homarus gammarus) in the Irish Sea and implications for the effectiveness of the first British marine protected areaWatson, H., McKeown, N., Coscia, I., Wootton, E. & Ironside, J. 2016 In : Fisheries Research.183, p. 287-2937 p.
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