Suggestions Harvest Action Plan

Information Services conducted a survey in December 2015, asking staff and students for feedback and suggestions on any aspect of Library services, and in particular how users find and use resources. The data below outlines some issues raised by the survey, with the aim of propose a plan of action in response.

Question 1 – Finding and Using Resources


It is clear that, by a large margin, Primo is the most popular method of finding and accessing resources, with over twice as many library users utilising it compared to the next most popular method. Also among the high results are online journals and other online resources, which suggests that online methods of resource discovery should be the focus of any action.

Summary – Most popular methods of finding resources:
  • Primo.
  • Online Journals, Articles and Ebooks.
  • Other Online Resources.

Question 2 - Improving Finding / Using Resources


The second question asked users which areas of finding resources could be improved, and the results are encouraging, with a 14 users unable to suggest any improvements. However significant numbers of students did suggest improvements, and the highest of these are the Number of books provides and Primo, both of which were suggested by 11 users. Also important for improvement are physical and online resources, with 8 and 6 users respectively calling for improvements.

Summary – Areas for the most Improvement:
  • Primo.
  • No. of Books.
  • Physical and Online Resources.

Improvements to Primo

Since Primo is both the most used method of finding resources but also one of the areas for the most improvement, it is worthwhile to break down the suggestions further.

The improvements suggested for Primo were varied, but many of the responses are recurring. For example, multiple users suggested improvements to the Primo mobile interface. In addition, it was suggested that a stronger link should exist between Primo and Aspire reading lists, and that the search results should be less generalised.

Summary – Most important improvements to Primo:
  • Mobile Interface.
  • Stronger/ clearer link to aspire reading lists.
  • Less generalised results.

Improvements to Book Numbers

Like Primo, the number of Books was also flagged up a high number of times. Therefore it is again worthwhile to look into the responses in a little more detail.


It is immediately obvious that a lack of core textbooks is a particular concern, with this improvement being suggested four times over the course of the survey. In addition, more books in particular topic areas (Ranging from department subjects to individual books) received the same number of suggestions.

Summary – Most important area for more books:
  • More core textbooks.
  • Books in particular subject areas.

3. Comments and Suggestions for IS

The third and final question resulted in a wealth of varied comments and suggestions. Due to the volume of different comments, the below graph includes only the most common ones.


It is again encouraging to see a high number of positive responses, with over 10 comments describing Information Services as ‘good’ or ‘brilliant,’ making this by far the most frequent response. Also, several users commented that I.T. support were similarly ‘good’ or ‘brilliant.’ However, some suggestions are raised here that may require action, such as the request for more plugs in the libraries, and vending machines often being empty.

Summary – Areas to focus on.
  • Continuing quality delivery of Library services and IT support.
  • More plugs in the libraries.
  • Refilling vending machines.