Your Voice Matters: Information Services 2018-19

  • You let us know how invaluable Panopto has been, and we’re building on that:

We are piloting new whiteboard capture technology in rooms: IBERS new build 0.30 and 0.31, Edward Llwyd 3.34 and Hugh Owen C22


  • Thanks to your great feedback about the changes to the library loans system:

We’ve increased the maximum loan period for library books from 6 to 12 months. You will only be fined if a book is not returned when requested by another user


  • Together, we’ve improved the way you book study rooms:

You can now book Library study rooms via the IS webpage and ApAber. You can check availability and make a quick booking through the interactive monitors outside each room using the “Meet Now” feature


  • Following positive feedback and increased use of level D of the library:

We’ve refurbished the Iris De Freitas Group Study area of the Hugh Owen library to create extra group study rooms, more vending and extra whiteboards


  • Did you know we’ve increased the number of eBooks?

We now have over 650,000 eBooks provided by the library 


  • You wanted more places to charge your devices:

We have installed more power sockets in A12 and level D Hugh Owen Library


  • You said you wanted more books:

   We have purchased 498 books in 2018/19 through the More Books Scheme


  • You can now use your Abercard to:

Access computer rooms

Access student residences

Borrow books from the library

Access the library

Print, photocopy and scan

Access the Students’ Union

Use the Sports Centre

Purchase food and drink on campus

Record your attendance at lectures


  • Reading Lists: supporting your learning

An online reading list is now available for all modules that require one ensuring we have the right resources for you in the Library


  • Students like the ApAber mobile app and so we will continue to add new features, including campus maps to help you find your way around


  • You wanted to borrow books for longer and fairer fines:

Borrow up to 40 books anytime

Borrow books for 1 week and these will be automatically renewed

Increased the speed of the network

Removed download quotas

Fines only issued if you do not return the book when recalled


  • Investment in university network

 We have increased investment in the University network and

 We have made it easier to connect your devices (games consoles, smart TV)


  • Investment in your library

Your ideas have helped us design the refurbishment of the Iris de Freitas room in the Hugh Owen Library


  • Exam cluster buster

Thanks to your feedback we aim to where possible have:

  1. no exams booked back-to-back on the same day
  2. no Saturday exams
  3. Exam timetables were also made available on ApAber and your personal calendar


  • Investment in computer rooms

Thanks to your feedback we have added a new computer room on Penglais campus: IBERS 0.32