IS: Your Voice Matters feedback 2023/24

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Your feedback, our response 

Your feedback

  • You found some of the Library's quiet study spaces on Level E and Level F too noisy

  • You asked why we do not allow you to bring hot food into the Library to eat whilst you study

  • You asked to have a way to get hot water in the Library to make your own drinks

  • Some of you said the the Iris de Freitas room was too cold

  • You asked for monitor hubs in other study spaces across campus

Our response

  • Noise - Library staff walk through all the study spaces in the library to monitor noise levels. in the study areas on Level F and in response to the

    We are aware that noise can start up again once the member of staff has left, so please let us know using the noise text alerter service if you are being disturbed.

    We would also encourage students to let fellow students know if they are disturbing you - if you feel comfortable to do so. Being made aware of how they are disturbing other students can be a much more powerful message than a member of staff trying to enforce quiet.

    We do what we can to ensure Level F of the Hugh Owen Library remains as quiet as possible while providing a range of other study spaces.


  • Hot food and drinks- We allow hot and cold drinks in bottles/cups with lids and cold food (that is not smelly nor greasy) in the Library.

    We need to ensure the Library is a pleasant place for everyone and hot food causes issues because:

  • It tends to produce smells which can bother other people.

  • It tends to be messier.

  • Leftovers and bits of food could damage library property and attract rodents and insects.


    You've also asked whether we can provide hot water in the Library so that you can make your own drinks.

    We hope to be able to offer hot water from our vending machines soon. In the meantime, you can get hot water for free from the Starbucks counter in the Union - take your own cup or flask to fill.


  • Temperature - The windows in the Library open automatically based on temperatures and C02 levels. This is managed by the University's Estates department.

    Level D of the Hugh Owen Library is a warmer space. If you are feeling cold studying on Level F, Level E or in Iris de Freitas, especially if you are working later into the night or early mornings, please consider wearing warmer clothes or moving to Level D.


  • Monitor Hubs - After a very successful trial of Monitor Hubs in the Library, you've asked us to put some in other study spaces across the campus. In partnership with the Graduate School, there are now two new monitor hubs in the Postgraduate Centre.


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