Your Voice Matters: Information Services 2017-18

You asked for more study spaces (and more comfy chairs!) in the library.

Refurbishment of the Level D Hugh Owen Library increased the study spaces of:

  • 31 quiet group study spaces
  • 26 flexible seating
  • 22 computer study spaces
  • 2 bookable Group Study Rooms
  • New refreshment area with 36 study spaces

Thomas Parry campus relocation also led to:

  • 80 study spaces on Level E
  • 30 computer spaces on Level E and F
  • 2 group study rooms located on the main Level E floor and in the EL6 Computer room

You asked for faster computers.



We have purchased 800 new computers for central teaching rooms and computer rooms.

Thanks to your feedback we have also added a new computer room on Penglais campus, IBERS 0.32 (76 seater workstation room).

You asked for more consistent content organization on Blackboard.



To make finding content easier for you, a standardized Blackboard menu template was applied to all first year modules. We also monitor closely all surveys’ comments about modules’ Blackboard content.

You asked for lower printing costs.

The price for a single (mono) page was reduced to 2p.

You asked to borrow books for longer and fairer fines.



  • Borrow up to 40 books at any time.
  • Borrow books for 1 week and these will be automatically renewed.
  • Fines only issued if you do not return the book when recalled.

You asked for the library to be open during Easter holidays.

The Hugh Owen Library stayed open for longer hours (8:30am-10pm during the week and 10am-6pm at weekends) during the Easter 2018 vacation for the first time.

You asked for better WIFI and increase the amount you can download within a 24 hour period.

We have increased investment in the University network:

  • increase the speed of the network,
  • removed download quotas and
  • we have made it easier to connect your devices (games consoles, smart TV)

You asked for longer breaks between exams

Thanks to your feedback we aim to where possible have:

  • no exams booked back-to-back on the same day
  • no Saturday exams

You wanted to see more detailed information about your attendance record.


You can now access their attendance record through their online Student Record or through the new MyAber app available on Apple and Android app stores. 

You asked for Primo to be more user friendly.

To make finding resources for your essays easier, Primo has now a new interface. Primo’s interface is also mobile friendly.

You asked for more books in the library.  

We have purchased 571 books in 2017/18 through the More Books Scheme.

You wanted all reading lists to be available online.

An online reading list is now available for all modules that require one ensuring we have the right resources for you in the Library.

You wanted more features at ApAber.

Students are finding the ApAber mobile app really useful and so we will continue to add new features including: campus maps to help you find your way around.

You asked for more support to manage exam stress.

Every exam period we set up an anti-stress display in the Hugh Owen Library with sudoku, colouring sheets, books related to stress and time management and a QR code to useful for tackling stress apps and websites.