What do students think of LinkedIn Learning? 2023

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What do Aberystwyth students think of LinkedIn Learning?

What motivated you to sign up?

  • "I was interested in studying topics outside my field"
  • “Because it is free to university students"
  • "To get advice from people already in the industries"
  • "Because a certification for some courses publishable on your LinkedIn Learning profile could increase employability"
  • "To develop career skills in my final year"
  • "Because of how easy it seemed to use"

What content have you watched or listened to?

  • "women in the workplace"
  • "Data analysis"
  • “Interview tips”
  • “Mindfulness”
  • “Career building and planning”
  • “Team building”
  • “Leadership and management”
  • “Diversity and inclusion”
  • “Strategic thinking”
  • “Creative writing”
  • “Cloud computing and software engineering”
  • “Java programming language”
  • “Support for Microsoft programmes such as Excel”
  • “Sales techniques”

Is the content relevant to you as a student?

  • "Yes, because there are many topics outside the classroom that you would wish to cover, and that is where LinkedIn Learning comes in"
  • “It's more about moving on to a career after uni. It's really good to get ahead like that and get an idea of what career studies are like"
  • "It has a lot of general help and advice which is particularly useful for students who don’t have the time or do not want to follow up study skills or specific topics with a lecturer"
  • "Yes, I have found content that is related to my degree."
  • "I think people would find it helpful if they are pursuing internships as it’s useful for getting
  • ready to work."
  • "It's relevant to both students and lecturers alike."

Do you find it easy to navigate?

  • "It's easy to access and navigate, there is nothing complicated there"
  • "The menus and other features of the user interface is very detailed and easy to navigate"
  • "I find LinkedIn Learning so much more refined [than other platforms] and the user interface is so much more friendly"
  • "The fact it is so easy to use is one of the reasons I chose to sign up"

Why would you recommend LinkedIn Learning to other students?

  • "Because there is nothing to lose, and you can always learn something new"
  • "The course quality is really high and gets information across quickly- it’s as good as that gets."
  • "It’s a really useful resource to have outside of class"
  • "It’s an organised form of learning that you can’t get anywhere else"
  • "It gave me a new insight into things that I had not learned at the University"

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