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Information Services User Survey 2022 Feedback

We ask our users to take our IS User Survey every November.

  • What do we do well?
  • What do we need to work on?

We use the results to plan and develop our services.


Survey Respondents

The number of responses to the survey in 2022 was significantly higher than the previous year. This year we received 236 more responses than in 2021:

  • 534 responses in 2022

  • 298 responses in 2021

Our survey was completed by University staff, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, distance learning and lifelong learning students

Undergraduate students (279) Postgraduate Taught students (89) Postgraduate Research students (59) Distance learning (35) Professional Staff (38) Academic staff (34)


Services that Shine

Email services
More than 81% of our respondents were satisfied or highly satisfied with the University's email services

Hugh Owen Library Opening Times
More than 74% of respondents were satisfied or highly satisfied with the library's opening hours

Our respondents were especially happy with the Hugh Owen Library being open 24/7 during term and having study spaces kept open over the holidays   

Customer Services and support from IS staff

Over 78% of respondents noted that were satisfied or highly satisfied with the helpfulness of Information Services staff

More than 72% of respondents were satisfied or highly satisfied with the quality of the customer service they received from our staff

Library study spaces and computer rooms
More than 73% of the respondents noted they were satisfied or highly satisfied with the library's study spaces

More than 66% of respondents were satisfied or highly satisfied with the computer rooms in the library, across the campus and in town


Your Comments

"Overall, as someone who uses the library everyday, I am very happy and grateful for the resource. I have two young children at home, so having a quiet place to go and study is of huge importance to me, so the resource is invaluable"

"The library service is amazing. I am only two months into my distance learning course and every time I have requested an article or a book they have sent it out to me at home. Brilliant service!"

"The library desk helpers are amazing - they seem to know
everything! And so friendly too, the best department on campus."


Gap analysis

Satisfaction - We ask our users to rate their levels of satisfaction with our services

Importance - We ask our users to rate how important our services are to them

We use the results to identify priorities for improvement. If the levels of satisfaction are lower than the importance, the service may not
be meeting expectations.

Computers 3.13
Click & Collect 5.97
Opening hours -1.28
Printing .17
Noise in libraries -9.99
FAQs -2.71


Our Priorities for 2023 

Improve the signage in the library and introduce our new mapping system
We will be reviewing the signs we have in the library and making improvements where we can. We will also be launching our new library floor map before Summer 2023. The map will integrate with Primo, the library catalogue, to show you the exact location of the books you're looking for. The map will also be available to help you locate study rooms, toilets and other facilities in the library

Software that is available on library computers and those in the computer rooms
We are investigating the issues you have raised regarding installing and using certain software on Information Services' computers

In January 2023, we introduced Blackboard Ultra in response to your feedback. Ultra offers a much improved user experience to people using mobile devices
The shift to Ultra provides the opportunity for us to re-evaluate the ways we create and organise our module contents as well as ensuring a more consistent approach in future

Study rooms booking system
We are working on changes to our study rooms booking system in response to your feedback

Information Services webpages
We are continually updating and evaluating our webpages and we regularly make changes to them to improve navigation
We will investigate the issues reported with the search engine on our website and make improvements where possible

Group study spaces in the library
We are aware of the many different needs of the users of our study spaces. We will be trialling different types of study spaces for small groups in the library in 2023-2024


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