Your feedback on Library Study Spaces


There are a mixture of Group Study Rooms and Individual Study Carrels available in the Hugh Owen Library


Individual Study Carrels User Survey Survey

We sent a survey out to everyone who had booked to use an Individual Study Carrel in the past year

We asked: Why do you use the carrels? How can we improve the carrels? 


Word cloud from feedback to 'Why do you use the individual study carrels?' includes the words distractions, quiet, private, space, writing, assignments, online, home, individual, between lectures, disturbed, environment, bedroom, exams

Word cloud from feedback to 'How can we improve the individual study carrels?' includes the words soundproof, screens, cold, switch, plug, sockets, heater, food, welcoming, noise, dimmable, light, lockers, chairs, coffee, tables, computer



  • We have already added some framed pictures to brighten up the carrels and will consider how to add more pictures and colour as part of our renovation of Levels E and F
  • We are fitting each carrel with coat and bag hooks
  • We are trialling monitor hubs in some carrels and in other spaces around the library to get your feedback on them
  • We are installing whiteboards in the carrels to help you organise your thoughts and ideas


Your suggestions will all be considered in our plans to renovate Levels E and F of the Hugh Owen Library

Thank you for your feedback! 


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