How can our courses help with getting a job or promotion?

Students will demonstrate creative thinking, spatial awareness, design concepts, visual awareness and colour theory relating to marketing and promotion. Furthermore, the skills of display and design, problem solving, negotiation and working from and to a brief will be developed. Analytical skills, critical thinking and an understanding of the relationship between art practice and art history will be taught. In addition, critical self-reflection, the development of personal enquiry, time management and working to deadlines are all skills that increase employability and are encouraged throughout the Art and Design modules.

Well that is just a few! Are you making sure that you are highlighting these in your applications?

The late Sir Ken Robinson states that, “Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” Think on...students from Art and Design courses have a greater ability to see through and act upon problems in a creative way.

Additionally these specific modules can enhance employability and help establish cottage and independent businesses.

Up-Cycled Clothing give students the opportunity to sell their work. There are three modules in this suite; some students have started their own fashion label.

Willow Sculpture and Living Willow sculpture courses are taken by small business garden designers.

Marketing Yourself as an Art Practitioner and Interior Design are taken by those who are setting up cottage craft industries.

Museum / Gallery Education and Interpretation  gives you  skills to design education programmes and certainly gives you enough idea whether you want to go in to teaching.

Dialogue, Discussion, Debate develop confidence in addressing different audiences in a fun way.

Enterprise: you can do it! Is a module that highlights the skills needed to set up a business. Are you a good manager, leader? What new skills will you need?