Certificate in Higher Education: Art and Design

“I never had the opportunity to study art at school”

“I want to work and study”

“I don't feel I can commit myself to full-time study”

“I have an inkling that I could be good at art”

"Those resources are gold"

These are comments that we frequently hear from our new students. They have decided to enrich their lives by studying Art and Design with Lifelong Learning. Our tutors have a wealth of experience of teaching adult learners, many of whom have been adult learners themselves and understand the need to support and build confidence. They can tailor your path of learning, help you to develop your strengths, interests and can focus on the areas where you need to develop.



What does face-to-face delivery involve?

  • Teaching near you in remote villages and towns across mid Wales
  • Teaching in lovely gardens and in galleries with resources and inspiration at your fingertips
  • Teaching vocational art residential schools
  • Allowing you to study while you are working
  • Offering art courses at weekends and evenings
  • Day classes instead of two hour classes, which is more economical on petrol
  • Day courses have school friendly hours
  • Specializing in teaching adults, tailoring our delivery, assessment and schemes of works specifically for adults
  • Running many courses that are suitable for your professional development such as Museum / Gallery Interpretation and Education, Marketing yourself as an art practitioner and Willow Sculpture

Frequently Answered Questions

  • Yes, you have 5 years to gather 120 credits; that is roughly one course per term
  • You do not have to enrol on the Art & Design Certificate to study with us
  • You can take our courses as stand-alone courses
  • You can take Level 0 (CQFW3) courses to see if you like the way we teach
  • We are very proud of our hard working staff
  • Many staff are professionals in their field
  • We care for all students who are starting out and have not done any art before
  • We have a series of  Level 0 (CQFW3)courses in drawing, painting and sculpture.

How do I pass the Certificate?

You have 5 years in which to cover the required amount of study which is 120 credits (CQFW4). The certificate is awarded with a pass or a fail and you will need to take 70 Key modules to give you an all round art education. These Key modules can act as a launch to find your preferred painting and drawing medium. The optional modules allow you to study an area in greater depth.


Put Simply:

  • Completion of 120 credits
  • 20 credits can be at Level “0” (CQFW3)
  • 70 credits must be taken from the Key modules
  • The following modules are compulsory:
  • Tutorial module
  • Three specific art history modules
  • The achievement of a weighted average of 40% overall
  • Attendance at 60% of the course

Format of the Scheme

Key modules give you a sample of art materials and media that you might like to study in more depth. Further modules using specified medium can be found in the Optional Lists and cover three dimensional, design, two dimensional painting and drawing modules, computer related design, printmaking and art history. So, this allows you to design your own learning to your strengths.

Tutors bring our provision to your doorstep but some modules require more technical back up or a larger space and you will need to travel in to Aberystwyth for the odd course, but we try and arrange car shares to help you out. We also rotate classes so that they appear in the different localities over a period of years. You could consider our self -paced online learning instead with no incurred travel costs. Our face-to-face classes are held during the day, evenings and weekends, vacation and summer residential schools. Some classes are held in our main base areas, but we also teach in outreach areas such a village halls and galleries.

What does the Certificate allow me to progress on to?

Completion of the Certificate of Higher Education: Art and Design, plus an interview and portfolio allow entry to the 2nd year of the degree programme (CQFW5) at the School of Art, Aberystwyth.  They have a number of degrees and each degree scheme requires a range of key or core modules that are required in order to transfer; these will be listed in your student hand book which will be sent to you on registration.

To Register for the Certificate click the following link:CHE/DHE Registration Form