All Staff (A-Z)

Picture Name Role Email Telephone
Dr Dave Binding Dr Dave Binding Emeritus Lecturer
Dr Daniel Burgarth Dr Daniel Burgarth Honorary Appointment +44 (0) 1970 622757
Prof Simon Cox Prof Simon Cox Professor +44 (0) 1970 622764
Prof Russell Davies Prof Russell Davies Honorary Appointment
Dr Tudur Davies Dr Tudur Davies Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622813
Dr Robert Douglas Dr Robert Douglas Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622756
Dr Martin Dutko Dr Martin Dutko Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Gwion Evans Dr Gwion Evans Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622112
Dr Colin Fletcher Dr Colin Fletcher Emeritus Lecturer
Mrs Shelley Fullwood Mrs Shelley Fullwood Academic Registry Officer - Faculty of Business & Physical Sciences +44 (0) 1970 628625
Dr Rolf Gohm Dr Rolf Gohm Senior Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622751
Mr David Jones Mr David Jones Part Time Tutor
Mrs Patience Jones Mrs Patience Jones Part Time Tutor
Dr Kim Kenobi Dr Kim Kenobi Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622767
Prof Jennifer D. Key Prof Jennifer D. Key Honorary Appointment
Dr Jukka Kiukas Dr Jukka Kiukas Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622758
Dr John Lane Dr John Lane Emeritus Lecturer
Dr Huw Llewelyn Dr Huw Llewelyn Honorary Appointment
Miss Sylvia Lutkins Miss Sylvia Lutkins Part-Time Lecturer
Miss Helen Macdougall Miss Helen Macdougall Teaching Assistant / Demonstrator - Mathematics
Prof Vassili Mavron Prof Vassili Mavron Emeritus Professor +44 (0) 1970 622766
Dr Thomas McDonough Dr Thomas McDonough Emeritus Professor
Prof Gennady Mishuris Prof Gennady Mishuris Professor of Mathematical Modelling +44 (0) 1970 622753
Dr Wiktoria Miszuris Dr Wiktoria Miszuris Research Associate +44 (0) 1970 622768
Prof Alun Morris Prof Alun Morris Emeritus Professor
Dr Adil Mughal Dr Adil Mughal Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622771
Dr Daniel Peck Dr Daniel Peck Research Fellow
Dr Alexander Pitchford Dr Alexander Pitchford Associate Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622760
Ms Tally Roberts Ms Tally Roberts Associate Lecturer Science Outreach +44 (0) 1970 621968
Mrs Rosemary Rogers Mrs Rosemary Rogers Part Time Tutor
Miss Chloe Toombs Miss Chloe Toombs AberForward - Mathematics
Dr Adam Vellender Dr Adam Vellender Research Lecturer +44 (0) 1970 622776