Do I need to Matriculate?

All postgraduate students, except those who are already graduates of Aberystwyth University, are required to matriculate before they may be admitted for postgraduate study. In order to matriculate applicants must:

a) have an undergraduate degree from an institution recognised by
Aberystwyth University and the UK NARIC


b) applicants must have at least 24 months full-time professional experience
to matriculate as having relevant experience prior to the start of the course (for
Masters courses, but not PhD programmes).

Please note that applicants, who may be able to matriculate, may not necessarily be able to meet the specific entry requirements for the relevant course, e.g. 2.1 Honours degree or equivalent for research places, 2.2 Honours degree or equivalent for taught Masters, sufficient and relevant work experience for distance-learning courses in Information Studies. In such cases the applicant should consult either the Postgraduate Admissions Office or the relevant Department.