Free Weights


Please note both Free Weight rooms are reaching capacity at peak times during the day. We are advising customers to book in advance to avoid any disappointment if the room is at capacity. To ensure a positive gym experience, each session will run on the hour for one hour whilst we manage the current demand. We apologise if this causes any disruption to our customer's workouts.

Strength and Conditioning Room 

The S&C Room offers you a more specific and 'natural' form of training. The comprehensive range of strength conditioning machines and a wide selection of loose weights facilitates specificity when it comes to your chosen sport or training goals.

Our dedicated strength and conditioning platforms are ideal for individuals who are following a sport-specific programme to optimise performance.  

Plate Loaded Room

Our plate loaded room has been utilised with a range of plate loaded machines which all have a durable and ergonomic design. This ensures that all strength and conditioning work can be specified into separate muscle groups, and can be performed safely using our robust plate loaded equipment.

Book your space online or call us on 01970 62280